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Small photo of Cavatappi pasta is macaroni formed in a helical tube shapeSmall photo of Set of 3D printed parts, featuring 2 metric nut spinners, 2 bevel gears and a helical gear printed in white PLA plastic, with visible layer linesSmall photo of Aquatic blue colored light painting photography forming a swirl or a whirlpool against a black background. Helical, circular. Neon light long exposure photography. Soft focus due to long exposure.Small photo of Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) 3D printed helical and bevel gears printed in white PLA on a white backdropSmall photo of Two steel compression coil springs isolated on white background. Closeup of flexible shock absorbers with helical wire winding. Springy machine components. Elastic metal parts. Mechanical engineering.Small photo of Close-up helical gears in car automatic transmissionSmall photo of Close-up helical gears in car automatic transmissionSmall photo of Winepress with red must and helical screw. Traditional old technique of wine making. Filtering grape must. Tinted panoramic image.Small photo of helical stairway, simple modern circular staircase, view from underneath in black and whiteSmall photo of Colorful helical or striped paper straws isolated on white background including clipping path.Small photo of Mechanical gearbox, cross section. Helical gear Close-upSmall photo of Helical bridge in the mountains of Risaralda-ColombiaSmall photo of Helical piers going in before steel is added.Small photo of Piano keyboard printed music abstract fractal spiral pattern background. Black and white piano keys round spiral. Spiral stair. Piano helical pattern abstract background Abstract isolated piano spiralSmall photo of Elastic stainless steel coil springs. Helical wire winding detail. Abstract pile of shiny compression and extension metal parts on black background. Springy machine components. Mechanical engineering.

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