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  • For any woman to have success in American life she must first do two things: Prepare herself for a profession, and marry a man who wants her to succeed as much as she does. (Pentru ca orice femeie să aibă succes în viața americană, trebuie mai întâi să facă două lucruri: Să se pregătească pentru o profesie și să se mărite cu un bărbat care își dorește la fel de mult ca ea să aibă succes.) - Cathleen Douglas

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Small photo of Attractive middle-aged woman enjoys herself and her body, loves herself. 40-year-old female hugs herself in the bedroom at home in the morningSmall photo of A young girl applies a moisturizer to her skin, a woman gently cares for her body, depicts a heart with a cream, taking care of herself, beauty and health.Small photo of Elderly woman drinking a tiki cocktail in swimwear. Carefree senior woman enjoying her summer vacation at a tropical spa resort. Happy mature woman enjoying herself after retirement.Small photo of Beautiful young Asian woman hugging herself isolated on white background. Love yourself and self care conceptSmall photo of It's me. Ambitious confident young african american woman toothy smiling pointing finger on herself on pink backgroundSmall photo of Sad Depressed Woman Sitting by the Pool by Herself. Unhappy person unable to enjoy her summer vacationSmall photo of Portrait of attractive smiling curly haired young woman in optical round glasses poses for selfie outdoors walks in urban setting during leisure time photographs herself has free day or weekendSmall photo of Glad young european woman suffers from heat sits on sofa catches cold air, turns fan to herself, enjoys cool down in living room interior. Summer weather, overheating without air conditioning at homeSmall photo of Woman defending herself from attacker near car outdoorsSmall photo of Losing weight for my health. Worried young woman with obesity dieting and looking herself in the mirrorSmall photo of Young Japanese woman protecting herself from the sun with an umbrella in Tokyo on a hot summer day.Small photo of Asian woman in sports clothing doing yoga at home to quarantine herself from Covid-19, New normal lifestyle concept. Healthy lifestyle. Relaxing at homeSmall photo of Portrait of beautiful woman fanning herself and restling at home.Small photo of Selfie of happy joyful curly haired woman in casual. Excited middle aged lady holding smartphone and taking picture of herself. Happy woman portrait conceptSmall photo of Body positive plus size female clothing. Body positive plus size woman happily and is proud of herself looking at mirror at home. Try wearing clothes that measure the size.

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