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  • For any woman to have success in American life she must first do two things: Prepare herself for a profession, and marry a man who wants her to succeed as much as she does. (Pentru ca orice femeie să aibă succes în viața americană, trebuie mai întâi să facă două lucruri: Să se pregătească pentru o profesie și să se mărite cu un bărbat care își dorește la fel de mult ca ea să aibă succes.) - Cathleen Douglas

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Small photo of Young beautiful asian woman happily dressed in front of the mirror. She looks good and has confidence in herselfSmall photo of Taking nose drops because of pollen allergy. Woman is having flu and she is using nasal spray to help herself. Woman using nasal spray. Nasal spray to help a cold. Sick with a rhinitis womanSmall photo of Selfie of happy joyful curly haired woman in casual. Excited middle aged lady holding smartphone and taking picture of herself. Happy woman portrait conceptSmall photo of Asian young woman, lying in bed at home, covers her ears with a pillow, tries to sleep, closes herself from noise, has a bad dream, restless dream. Sleep and rest conceptSmall photo of Elderly woman drinking a tiki cocktail in swimwear. Carefree senior woman enjoying her summer vacation at a tropical spa resort. Happy mature woman enjoying herself after retirement.Small photo of Happy teenager, positive and smiling emotions of teen girl. Teenager child girl point thumb herself. Choose me. Girl pointing at herself.Small photo of Mixed race influencer girl blogger taking picture of herself, selfie,preparing for a live broadcast video blog on social network at home.Social media live streaming concept.Small photo of A young Asian woman talks to herself through a mirror to build her self-confidence and empower herself.Small photo of Body Positive. Happy African American Overweight Female Hugging Herself Posing With Eyes Closed, Wearing Plus Size Clothes Standing Over Pink Studio Background. Self Love ConceptSmall photo of Asian young stressed depressed thoughtful lonely sadness female model in casual outfit laying down crossed arms hugging herself alone on sofa in living room at home having depression sickness symptom.Small photo of Kitten sitting with legs elevated and licking herself clean, cute little blue British Shorthair cat sitting on a wooden floor by the window in the house.Small photo of Portrait of beautiful woman fanning herself and restling at home.Small photo of Woman defending herself from attacker near car outdoorsSmall photo of Full length photo of overjoyed good mood female take polaroid photo of herself isolated on violet color backgroundSmall photo of Displeased middle-aged woman looking at herself in the mirror and pinching stomach fat in domestic interior. Sad plus size woman looking her reflection in the mirror with sorrow at home.

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