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  • Our lives improve only when we take chances - and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves. (Viețile noastre se îmbunătățesc numai atunci când ne asumăm riscuri, iar primul și cel mai dificil risc pe care ni-l putem asuma este acela de a fi sinceri cu noi înșine.) - Walter Anderson
  • There are two messages from theory of Karma. Our condition in this life is determined by our deeds in previous life. We must do good in this life to improve our conditions in next life. (Există două mesaje în teoria Karma. Condiția noastră în această viață este determinată de faptele noastre bune dintr-o viață anterioară. Trebuie sa facem bine în aceasta viață pentru a ne îmbunătăți condițiile din viața următoare.) - B.J. Gupta

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Small photo of smart farm ,agriculture concept, farmer use data augmented mixed virtual reality integrate artificial intelligence combine deep, machine learning, digital twin, 5G, industry 4.0 technology to improveSmall photo of A farmer on a tractor cultivates the soil on the plantation of a young potato of the Riviera variety Type. Agricultural farm field. Loosening the soil to improve air access to the roots of plants.Small photo of Involved little daughter her vietnamese mother play on warm floor using wooden colorful blocks create towers and buildings improve fine motor skill of kid. Funny educational games for children conceptSmall photo of business process flowchart, implement and improveSmall photo of Doctor using intelligence network connecting data analysis and diagnose patient health problem. Innovation technology in medical and science develop solution to improve quality of lives and wellbeing.Small photo of Young trainer helping senior woman with resistance band. Lovely physiotherapy health worker exercise with old woman at home. Happy smiling senior woman using rubber band to improve her muscle tone.Small photo of Person using calendar on computer to improve time management, plan appointments, events, tasks and meetings efficiently, improve productivity, organize week day and work hours, business woman, officeSmall photo of Collagen Powder and glass of water with slice of Lime; Vitamin C . Collagen supplements may improve skin health by reducing wrinkles and dryness.Small photo of Serene office male employee sit at desk relaxing doing yoga, practice meditation to reduce stress relief fatigue feel internal balance at workplace, improve mindfulness, maintain mental health conceptSmall photo of Implement improve puzzel solve connections together with synergy strategy team building organizing connection by trust communication. Hands of stakeholders business trust team holding jigsaw puzzleSmall photo of Digital transformation using information technologies as cloud computing, business process management and automation to improve efficiency. Concept with hand turning knob to increase data digitizationSmall photo of Yoga session process meditation practice close up focus on male fingers folded in mudra symbol. Concept of clarity of mind, improve inner balance, healthy lifestyle, serenity, internal calmness stateSmall photo of Improve SEO ranking symbol. Concept words 'Improve your SEO ranking' on wooden blocks on a beautiful orange background. Businessman hand. Business, Improve your SEO ranking concept.Small photo of Business People Meeting using laptop computer, calculator,notebook,stock market chart paper for analysis Plans to improve quality next month. Conference Discussion Corporate ConceptSmall photo of Black woman smart student girl sitting at table in university cafe alone wearing glasses looking at computer screen using headphones listening online lecture improve language skills having good mood

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