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  • Real poverty is less a state of income than a state of mind. (Adevărata sărăcie este mai puțin o stare de venit decât o stare de spirit.) - George F. Gilder

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Small photo of Accountant working on consolidated financial report of corporate operations, consultant auditing finance data (balance sheet, income statement) on screen with business charts, fintech, managerSmall photo of Increase income, Boost income or business growth concept. Businessman is pulling up progress bar with the word INCOME on bright tone background.Small photo of Pensive business woman noting idea for startup planning from web page on laptop computer,professional administrative manager making accountings of income using app on netbook in office interiorSmall photo of Financial report data of business operations (balance sheet and income statement and diagram) as Fintech concept.Double exposure of success businessman using smart phone,digital tablet.Small photo of BUSINESSMAN's KEY Research AND AUDITING Income Statement DATA From Excel SPREADSHEETS. AUDIT Making Database Report Financial Planning REPORT IN CAFE in Park Near the Office Before Entering MEEETINGSmall photo of Close-up Hands counting money American dollars , Counting money American dollars with hand , Vintage tone effect , Income and Business concept.Small photo of Miniature people standing on piles of different heights of coins. Income and economic inequality concept.Small photo of Financial investment concept, Double exposure of city night and stack of coins for finance investor, Forex trading candlestick chart economic , ECN Digital economy, business, money, passive income.Small photo of Frustrated Asian woman holding and looking at saving account book, bill and calculating her monthly expenses and Debts at house. Bankrupt Female having problem income, budget, payment. Economic crisisSmall photo of green plant growing on golden coin in glass jar on wood table in park with blur nature background. business financial banking saving concept. investment profit income. marketing startup success.Small photo of Financial report data of business operations (balance sheet and income statement and diagram) as Fintech concept.businessman hand working with modern technology digital tablet computer.Small photo of Word block "TAX", and "2019" on pile of coins with calculator as background. Income, expenses, tax, financial data.Small photo of African black positive married couple sitting on sofa at home read documents paper checking bills, bank account balance feeling satisfied and happy. Refund income last loan payment good news conceptSmall photo of Two female accountants counting on calculator income for tax form completion hands close-up. Business and audit conceptSmall photo of Wood block 2020 and Coins in sack with small plant tree. Pension fund, 401K, Passive income. Investment and retirement. Business investment growth concept. Risk management. Budget 2020.

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