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  • You know, I've never actually really believed that death is inevitable. I just think it's a rumor. (Știți, nu am crezut niciodată cu adevărat că moartea e inevitabilă. Cred că e doar un zvon.) - David Carradine
  • There are only two things we can lose, the time and the life; the second is inevitable, the first unpardonable. (Există doar două lucruri pe care le putem pierde: timpul și viața; cel de-al doilea e inevitabil, primul e impardonabil.) - Jose Maria Franco Cabrera
  • It was inevitable: the scent of bitter almonds always reminded him of the fate of unrequited love. (Nici nu se putea altfel: mirosul de migdale amare îi amintea de fiecare dată de soarta iubirilor neîmplinite.) - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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Small photo of Delicious food The inevitable menu is the eggs in the kitchen.Small photo of Delicious food The inevitable menu is the eggs in the kitchen.Small photo of Specific growth on birch. This mutation is inevitable.Small photo of Girl on blue background looks frightened. Concept of horror, fear, inevitable misfortune.Vertical.Small photo of “Spring dances with joy in every flower and in every bud letting us know that changes are beautiful and an inevitable law of life.” Debasish MridhaSmall photo of It's a holiday. Red candles on a dark background, an inevitable detail when the holidays are on.Small photo of curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!Small photo of coffee and morning are inevitableSmall photo of transience of time - sand in children's hands as a symbol of inevitable maturationSmall photo of Some unfortunate events must be accepted as inevitable.Small photo of Imperative Inevitable Beauty of NatureSmall photo of the water is the inevitable source that is needed so is the plastic to carry them now a daysSmall photo of Motivational Quote Inspirational Quote Success is often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable. Download Share with your family and friendsSmall photo of The skeleton wears a suit with Sunglasses and lifting your hands and worship with lace a red rose flower at a suit shirt, Concept Death is an inevitable escapeSmall photo of My inevitable beast, it looks so cute My inevitable beast, it looks so cute

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