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Small photo of Alcatraz Island, 06/13/2010: stretcher in the infirmary in the Main Cell House of Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, maximum security federal prison (1934-1963), where sick and injured inmates were sentSmall photo of Doctor or pharmacist with hospital prescription bottle drug of paracetamol or aspirin medicine in pharmacy infirmary. Medical healthcare pharmaceutical concept.Small photo of Edinburgh, Scotland - January 15, 2020: Buildings in Quartermile area, former Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh citySmall photo of Castle Street, Glasgow, Scotland, UK; March 14th 2018: Ambulances at the entrance to the Accident and Emergency department of the Royal Infirmary.Small photo of Aberdeen, Scotland - September 2020: A photograph of the Maggie's Centre, Aberdeen located near to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. A centre for the support of cancer patients.Small photo of Leeds city, UK. Red telephone and Leeds General Infirmary in background.Small photo of Leeds city, UK. Red telephone and Leeds General Infirmary in background.Small photo of Healthcare, healthy diet and disease concept. Happy funny african-american male doctor in white coat, boost up mood of kid lying in infirmary, explain patient eat more vitamins, hold oranges on eyesSmall photo of Closed up surgical tray , the medical equipment in infirmary room, Bangkok, ThailandSmall photo of ANTALYA, TURKEY - SEPTEMBER 21, 2019 Ready to use empty infirmary.Small photo of 06.02.2020 Wigan and Leigh Infirmary, Wigan, Greater Manchester, UK External views of Wigan hospital including signage and ambulancesSmall photo of Manchester, England, UK. January 12, 2020. The parking sign at the Royal Infirmary entrance near the city centre.Small photo of Medical checkup of breathing disease of sick Maltese dog in vet infirmary

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