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  • When you start to engage with your creative processes, it shakes up all your impulses, and they all kind of inform one another. (Când începi să te implici în procesul creativ, toate impulsurile îți sunt zguduite informându-se, într-un fel, unul pe altul.) - Jeff Bridges

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Small photo of Close up face african man telesales worker working wear headset contacting customers to inform them about service, answer questions about products. Call center operator agent, clients support conceptSmall photo of Franklin eyes macro. The texture of the fragment of the dollar bill. USD banknote texture. One hundred American dollars. Can inform about fiscal and monetary policy of the country, currency inflatiSmall photo of Blurred picture,The medical team is currently investigating the coronavirus covid-19 lung x-ray film to inform the patient and to treat the symptoms as coronavirus covid-19 has shown.Small photo of Washington, DC – September 5, 2020: Supporters of the “Pizzagate” QAnon conspiracy theory in Lafayette Park on a quest to inform the public about the truth involved in the debunked plot.Small photo of Young barman girl in medical mask and black gloves professionally pour drink from steel glass into glasse with ice. Blue and red warning lights in background inform about coronavirus quarantine.Small photo of Insurance agent regrets to inform victim about refusal to pay compensationSmall photo of Senior Woman Talking on Smartphone with her Doctor to Inform about Medication Instructions. Elderly Woman Checking Medical Information While Using Mobile PhoneSmall photo of Young bartender girl in medical mask and black gloves accurate pour drink from steel glass into glasses with ice. Blue and red warning lights inform about quarantine.

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