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  • The issues of humanity and what is fair treatment and good treatment of a fellow human being should not really be based on a personal sense of right and wrong or judgment. (Problemele umanității și ceea ce reprezintă un tratament drept și bun a unui seamăn al nostru nu ar trebui să se întemeieze pe sentimente personale de bine și rău sau de judecată.) - Debbie Harry

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Small photo of A spice themes or social issues. An alternative hashtag as a peppers on coral background. Negative space to insert your text. Modern design. Contemporary art. Creative conceptual and colorful collage.Small photo of Webcam laptop screen view many faces of diverse people involved in group videoconference on-line meeting lead by indian businesswoman leader, team using video call app work solve common issues conceptSmall photo of Excited multiethnic female employees discuss work issues sitting at office table, smiling diverse women workers or colleagues engaged in brainstorming talk chatting, explain ideas at workplaceSmall photo of Middle eastern and caucasian ethnicity businessmen seated on armchair in modern office talking solve common issues, banker telling to client regarding bank services make recommendations and consultingSmall photo of Head shot participants videoconference on-line meeting. Middle-east indian african european partners negotiating use videocall. Corporate staff solve issues remotely easy virtual communication conceptSmall photo of People at a round table discuss different issues. Focus on handSmall photo of Serious multi-ethnic business entities gathered together for negotiating meeting lead by Arabian and aged businesspeople talk express opinion offer solutions solve current issues, partnership conceptSmall photo of Serious 60s elderly father and grown up adult son sitting on sofa talking having important conversation trying to solve life issues problem, different men relative people communication at home conceptSmall photo of Mature and young women colleagues sitting at desk talking about project startup ideas, sharing thoughts, solve currents issues, make research, discuss growth strategy, think how generate more revenueSmall photo of The person divides with the palm the red and green figures of people. Orbiter, the solution of controversial issues and conflicts of interest. Stop the conflict, the mediator. Dispute resolution.Small photo of Mad male colleagues have disagreement in office arguing on work issues, furious millennial employee point at coworker blaming for mistake or failure, businessman accuse partner disputing at workplaceSmall photo of Millennial businessman in glasses head casual office meeting talking to colleague, diverse employees speak at briefing brainstorming or discussing work issues, workers cooperate listening to coworkerSmall photo of House Heating Unit Repair by Professional Technician. Closeup Photo. Home Equipment Issues.Small photo of LONDON, UK - November 29th 2018: Huawei security issues. Silhouette of a hand holding a padlock in front of the Huawei logo.Small photo of African guy sits leaned on couch cross-legged on carpet near coffee table hold cellphone distracted from work chat online, self-employed man solve business issues contact with client distantly concept

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