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Small photo of Jamu Temulawak or Temulawak herbal medicine is a drink made from temulawak root or Curcuma zanthorrhiza or Javanese ginger, or Javanese turmeric- which is very nutritious for health.Small photo of beautiful woman wearing traditional Javanese clothes presentingSmall photo of Javanese traditional drink, Indonesia, namely Wedang Ginger Spice containing sliced ​​ginger, secang, cardamom, deaf, cinnamon and Javanese sugar in hot waterSmall photo of Wayang Rama and Shinta. The story in this wayang has been attached to the people of Indonesia, the Javanese in particular. Because many lessons about life gained from the story.Small photo of Tempe Tahu Bacem, a traditional Central Javanese food, Indonesia. With seasoning garlic, shallots, coriander, bay leaves, palm sugar and coconut water. Boil, then fry briefly.Small photo of Javanese wedding dress, wedding ceremonySmall photo of Javanese kolesom, Javanese som or Javanese ginseng (Talinum paniculatum) is a species of flowering plant from the genus Talinum. This plant is used as a flowering ornamental plant and medicial plant.Small photo of Spicy Stir Fried Squid or Tumis Cumi Pedas is Indonesian traditional food, especially in javanese. served on plate and isolated gray background.Small photo of Javanese kolesom, Javanese som or Javanese ginseng is a species of flowering plant of the genus Talinum. This plant is used as a flowering ornamental plant and is also used as a medicinal plant.Small photo of Yogyakarta, Indonesia - June 26 2021 : Javanese traditional wedding dress. Javanese custom.Small photo of Indonesian Javanese fried rice, usually seasoned with sambal ulek, onions, shrimp paste, and cooked with wood or a brazier. In addition, fried eggs, crackers, cabbage and cucumber are often added.Small photo of Solo City, Central Java, Indonesia - May 27, 2021 : A happy couple taking pre-wedding photos wearing Javanese clothesSmall photo of A Javanese man is practising a mask danceSmall photo of Putu Mayang or Petulo, Indonesian Traditional Javanese Snack Made of Rice Flour Strands Curled up into a Ball with Food Coloring, Served with Coconut Milk and Palm Sugar Syrup. White BackgroundSmall photo of Bubur Kacang Hijau. Javanese dessert porridge of mung beans with coconut milk. Served in an earthenware bowl. A popular starter food for breaking the fast during Ramadan

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