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Small photo of MOSCOW, RUSSIA - OCTOBER 8, 2019: Postage stamp printed in Netherlands shows Cruiser "De Ruyter", Liberation Liberation serie, circa 1944Small photo of Sofia, Bulgaria - March 03, 2020: Parade marking the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke. Liberation Day on monument of The Unknown warrior. March 03, 2020 in Sofia, Bulgaria.Small photo of A girl in a black, vintage dress posing against the background of a gloomy forest, which is created by the projector. From her chest bursts the soul, a bird, a symbol of liberation. Play of shadowsSmall photo of KAHRAMANMARAS, TURKEY, JUNE 20, 2018; Kahramanmaras Victory Monument - The symbol of the city's liberation from enemy invasion. February 12 Independence Monument ( isolated for graphics )Small photo of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico - June 26, 2018: Visitors and locals enjoy a summer sunset in Liberation Square just outside the Guadalajara Cathedral.Small photo of Waving dutch flag with orange streamer on blue, sunny sky. Koningsdag (Kingsday) and Bevrijdingsdag (Liberation Day) in the Netherlands.Small photo of Pesach is a festival of Jewish tradition, also known as "Party of Liberation". It is the Passover, which is celebrated the escape of the Jewish people, who lived as a slave in Egypt.Small photo of Horizontal shot of gorgeous beautiful girl wearing red lipstick, headband and sailor shirt pouting lips, having serious confident look, showing clenched fist. Feminism, equality and women's liberationSmall photo of Top view of The Liberation Tower timelapse in Kuwait City illuminated at night with traffic on the road and city skyline. Kuwait, Middle EastSmall photo of Commemorative note - 2nd Anniversary of Liberation of State of Kuwait. Portrait from 1 Kuwait Dinar Banknotes. An Old paper banknote, vintage retro. Famous ancient Banknotes. Collection.Small photo of liberation tower under fog in kuwait citySmall photo of BREDA, NETHERLANDS - May 5, 2016: An undentified young Iraqi refugee family celebrates the Dutch National Liberation Day sitting and picnicing in the grass of the Valkenberg Park in Breda.Small photo of April 25 Liberation Day Text in italian card. italy flag selective focus imageSmall photo of Hatay, Turkey - 30 September 2018 - Ataturk Monument to liberation of Hatay, Iskenderun, TurkeySmall photo of 20.05.2016. New York City, Greenwich village, In Christopher Park, sculptures commemorating the gay liberation movement and the Stonewall Riots, begun to spread from the Stonewall Inn ( 1969).

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