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  • The war is a cultural event for us, because we die with a song on our lips! (Pentru noi războiul e un eveniment cultural. Murim cu cântecul pe buze.) - Ninus Nestorovic
  • Language is wine upon the lips. (Limba este un vin pe buze.) - Virginia Woolf
  • Soon after that, the Queen gives birth to a baby girl who is as white as snow, has lips red as blood and has hair as black as ebony. They name her 'Snow White'. (A fost odată ca niciodată o prințesă foarte drăguță; și avea această prințesă pielea albă ca zăpada, buzele și obrajii roșii ca sângele, iar părul ei era negru ca abanosul. I se spunea Albă ca zăpada.) - Frații Grimm
  • Smile with your lips, smile with your eyes, smile with your heart and your soul and your life. (Zâmbește cu buzele tale, zâmbește cu ochii tăi, zâmbește din toată inima ta, din tot sufletul tău și din toată viața ta.) - Terri Guillemets

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Small photo of Woman lips with a red lipstick on lips. Closeup female red lips. Bright makeup.Small photo of Lip Protection. Closeup of Beautiful Young Woman Healthy Lips. Female Model Mouth With Smooth Perfect Skin And Natural Manicure Touching Her Plush Lips. Lip Care And Beauty. High ResolutionSmall photo of Dancing office woman in classic suit like a ballet dancer headed by the big red female lips against trendy coral background. Negative space to insert your text. Modern design. Contemporary art collageSmall photo of Mystical beautiful woman in a gothic costume of a medieval vampire in a hood. An adult girl holds a rose flower in her hands. Beautiful face red makeup, attractive lips. Halloween party imageSmall photo of Beautiful African women with a fantastic Golden Lips on black background. decoration and interior, canvas art, abstract.Small photo of Woman getting cosmetic injection of botox near lips, closeup. Woman in beauty salon. plastic surgery clinic.Small photo of Result of lip augmentation. Male lips before and after filler injection.Small photo of Beautiful African women with a fantastic Golden Hair & LipsSmall photo of Funny large longhair gray kitten with beautiful big green eyes lying on white table. Lovely fluffy cat licking lips. Free space for text.Small photo of Lips. Close up of chapped, cracked lips, dry skin problem with mouth disease before and after treatment. Healthy woman lips, macro shot.Small photo of Photo of pretty ethnic woman ponders on how to answer question, thinks deeply about something, uses modern mobile phone, tries to made up good message, keeps index finger near lips, stands indoorSmall photo of Oops. Closeup photo of sad terrified lady horrified facial expression made big mistake feel guilty look side empty space bite lips fingers wear orange shirt isolated blue color backgroundSmall photo of Lip Care. Unrecognizable black woman applying moisturising chapstick on lips, cropped image, closeupSmall photo of Permanent lip liner coloring around the vermilion border of the lipsSmall photo of Portrait of positive inspired girl hipster lick lips spoon look copyspace feel interested about what she will eat breakfast wear white t-shirt isolated over bright shine yellow color background

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