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Small photo of Yellow and white floral arrangement made with feverfew, coreopsis and lovage flowersSmall photo of Dried lovage. Herb circle from above, isolated, over white. Disc made of grated lovage leaves, Levisticum officinale. Edible green herb and vegetable for salads and soups. Closeup. Macro food photo.Small photo of Detailed and large close up shot of lovage spice.Small photo of Beautiful Green leaves of the Spice and Herb Lovage (Levisticum officinale) growing in the gardenSmall photo of Szechuan lovage root herb used in chinese herbal medicine with calligraphy script. Translation reads as szechwan lovage. Used as an anti inflammatory & is anti bacterial. Chuan xiong.Small photo of lovage - levisticum officinale plant growing in potSmall photo of Single twig of fresh green lovage isolated on white backgroundSmall photo of Young Lovage plant (Levisticum officinale)Small photo of Love Parsley Levisticum officinalis plant. The plant has many common names such as Lovage, Old English Lovage, Italian Lovage, Cornish Lovage, Mountain Celery, Garden Lovage, Bladder Seed, Sea ParsleySmall photo of Organic permaculture garden with various herbs. Strawberry in bloom, oregano, lovage and tulips at he back, organic agricultureSmall photo of Fresh lovage twig (Levisticum officinale) isolated on white backgroundSmall photo of Lovage herb plant for cooking, isolatedSmall photo of Glass teapot with lovage tea and a fresh twig of lovage in frontSmall photo of Spices and Herbs, Lovage plant (Levisticum officinale) growing in the garden.Small photo of Close-up of a hand picking fresh green garden lovage

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