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Small photo of Indonesian beef soup, Soto Rawon is originating from Surabaya, rawon utilizes the black keluak nut, which gives a dark color nutty flavor to the soup. Served with mung bean sprouts and shrimp cracker.Small photo of Lobster Thermidor - creamy and nutty lobsterSmall photo of Chiang Mai, Thailand : 22/07/2020 : Customer enjoying her coffee break with a cup of Choco-choco Nutty Frappuccino and Cold Brew coffee in Starbucks coffee shop.Small photo of nutty chocolate energy balls on parchment paperSmall photo of Hand taking hot nutty cookies out of a steaming convection oven of kitchen stove. Fresh baked shortbread pastry in silicone baking molds on metal sheet pan. Crispy Xmas sweets in walnuts halves shape.Small photo of Chiang Mai, Thailand : 22/07/2020 : A cup of Choco-choco Nutty Frappuccino in Starbucks coffee shop. This menu is new to Starbucks store in Asia for perfect summer.Small photo of Vanilla crescent roll sweets. Set of fragrant baked pastries isolated on white background. Close-up of traditional Czech Christmas and wedding nutty cookies in shape of rolls dusted with icing sugar.Small photo of Preparing of sweet vanilla crescent rolls from sliced aromatic nutty dough. Hands shaping raw pastry cut into parts on wood rolling board. Traditional handmade Xmas or wedding sweets of Czech cuisine.Small photo of Selective focus view of black rice with plaste scoop. It is whole grain glutinous rice usually eaten for desert with a nutty taste and sticky texture when cooked.

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