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Small photo of Queen Victoria Gold Sovereign. Jubilee head. Obverse of the coin.Small photo of 1898 Barber quarter dollar coin obverse / front with very colorful toningSmall photo of Queen Elizabeth II Gold Sovereign Third Portrait obverse.Small photo of Portrait of the US President Alexander Hamilton on ten dollar banknote bill, front side obverse, macroSmall photo of Obverse of a 1 ruble silver coin of the Soviet Union (USSR), issued in 1921.Small photo of Polish currency 1 zl coin (PLN or "zloty") isolated on white background with reflection. Obverse and reverse sides.Small photo of Queen Elizabeth II Gold Sovereign Fourth Portrait obverse.Small photo of George V Silver Florin. Coin obverse.Small photo of Save Download Preview Portrait of first U.S. president George Washington as he looks on one dollar bill obverse. Clipping path included.Small photo of Roman Republic Coin. Ancient Roman silver denarius of the family Plautia. Obverse.Small photo of 1 indian rupee coin (2000) obverse isolated on white backgroundSmall photo of Ancient Roman silver denarius coin of Emperor Augustus. Obverse.Small photo of United States Coin. Quarter Dollar 1994 D. Obverse.Small photo of Hand displaying a stack of seventy thousand Mexican pesos. Obverse side of Mexican 1000 peso MXN banknotes with the image of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, horizontal view.Small photo of Detail of raised print area and security features on obverse side of E100 one hundred Euro banknote. European Central Bank. Baroque and rococo architecture on design element of note.

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