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Small photo of Manager engineer analyzing and control automation robot arms machine on software modern virtual interface data real time in intelligent factory industrial and digital manufacturing operation.Small photo of An young engineer is checking with tablet an operation of sun and cleanliness on field of photovoltaic solar panels on a sunset. Concept:renewable energy, technology,electricity,service, green,futureSmall photo of Metal machine tools industry. CNC turning machine high-speed cutting is operation.flying sparks of metalworkingSmall photo of Blurred hand of woman is touch, slide, press on screen of phone for check e-mail, news, prepare of meeting presentation, get promotion information for shopping online or operation of internet bankingSmall photo of Engineer check and control welding robotics automatic arms machine in intelligent factory automotive industrial with monitoring system software. Digital manufacturing operation. Industry 4.0Small photo of The solar farm(solar panel) with two engineers walk to check the operation of the system, Alternative energy to conserve the world's energy, Photovoltaic module idea for clean energy production.Small photo of Low Angle Shot in the Operating Room, Assistant Hands out Instruments to Surgeons During Operation. Surgeons Perform Operation. Professional Medical Doctors Performing Surgery.Small photo of Man and woman doctor having a discussion in hospital hallway. Doctor discussing patient case status with his medical staff after operation. Pharmaceutical representative showing medical report.Small photo of Blepharoplasty markup close-up on the face before the plastic surgery operation for modifying the eye region of the face in medical clinic. 2 doctors do plastic cosmetic operationSmall photo of Aerial view of jack up rig with towing vessel during towing operationSmall photo of Portrait of two firefighters in fire fighting operation, fireman in protective clothing and helmet using tablet computer in action fighting.Small photo of DevOps concept, an IT engineer holding the glowing devops symbol that illustrates the software development practices that combine development and operation teams and automates software processesSmall photo of Concentrated Surgical team operating a patient in an operation theater. Well-trained anesthesiologist with years of training with complex machines follows the patient throughout the surgery.Small photo of operation and maintenance in solar power plant ; engineering team working on checking and maintenance in solar power plant ,solar power plant to innovation of green energy for lifeSmall photo of Digital transformation change management, internet of things. new technology bigdata and business process strategy, automate operation, customer service management, cloud computing, smart industry

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