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  • The quality of an organization can never exceed the quality of the minds that make it up. (Calitatea unei organizații nu poate depăși niciodată calitatea minților care o alcătuiesc.) - Harold R. McAlindon
  • Anybody who accepts mediocrity - in school, on the job, in life - is a person who compromises, and when the leader compromises, the whole organization compromises. (Oricine acceptă mediocritatea - la școală, la locul de muncă, în viață - este o persoană care face compromisuri, iar când conducătorul face compromisuri, întreaga organizație face compromisuri.) - Charles Knight
  • The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual. (Realizările unei organizații sunt rezultatele efortului depus de fiecare individ.) - Vince Lombardi
  • The single most important factor in determining the climate of an organization is the top executive. (Singurul și cel mai important factor în determinarea climatului unei organizații este managementul de la vârf.) - Charles Galloway

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Small photo of award for sports tournaments or organizationSmall photo of Inscription COVID-19 on white background. World Health Organization WHO introduced new official name for Coronavirus disease named COVID-19Small photo of Inscription COVID-19 on blue background. World Health Organization WHO introduced new official name for Coronavirus disease named COVID-19Small photo of An elderly woman with a walker who is at high risk because of the coronavirus COVID19 gets meals or groceries delivered to her house by a volunteer working with a benevolent organization.Small photo of Group gathering people around. Collaboration and cooperation, team building. Recruitment. Joining around idea. Consolidation with majority. Involvement in a project. Accept membership in organization.Small photo of GENEVA, SWITZERLAND -5 APR 2019- Exterior view of the building of the World Health Organization (OMS WHO), a United Nations international organization located in Geneva, Switzerland.Small photo of June 15, 2020, Editorial Use Only, 3D CGI. World Health Organization Signage Logo on Top of Glass Building. Workplace in High-rise Office Headquarter at Night Time.Small photo of Focused young diverse teammates working with caucasian team leader on IT startup project kanban organization process, discussing details and tasks, writing notes on colorful paper stickers at office.Small photo of The world health organization WHO declares an international emergency in connection with the outbreak of new pneumonia in China caused by the coronavirus 2019-nCoV virusSmall photo of Modern tower buildings or skyscrapers in financial district with cloud on sunny day in Chicago, USA. Construction industry, business enterprise organization, or communication technology conceptSmall photo of earth in hands. green planet on hand. save of earth. environment concept for background web or world guardian organization.Elements of this image furnished by NASASmall photo of Unidentified neat housewife puts container with socks and pantyhose on wardrobe drawer during general cleaning by modern storage system. Concept of beautiful and comfortable organizationSmall photo of Calendar software showing busy schedule of manager with many meetings, tasks and appointments during the week, time management organization at work concept, business person using agenda on computerSmall photo of Cooperation Environment Charity Concept. Nature Support,Volunteer People, Social. Professional Corporate Business Environment and Achieve. Organization Spirit Initiative. Asian Team Success.Small photo of Mature female volunteer warehouse worker wearing face mask working in shipping delivery charitable stock organization packing medical donations box. Covid 19 coronavirus donating and volunteering.

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