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  • Strength is the outcome of need. (Puterea rezultă din necesitate.) - H.G. Wells
  • If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans. (Dacă extratereștrii ne vor vizita vreodată, cred că rezultatul va fi la fel ca și atunci când a debarcat Cristofor Columb pentru prima dată în America, vizită care nu s-a dovedit foarte benefică pentru băștinași.) - Stephen Hawking

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Small photo of Results - arrows with text and female hand with chalk - outcome and summarySmall photo of Man using calculator to count income and outcomeSmall photo of Man using calculator to count income and outcomeSmall photo of Outcome. Wooden letters on the office desk, informative and communication backgroundSmall photo of Portrait of a young man losing at playing video games, disappointed and angry because of the outcome.Small photo of Female doctor in a white lab coat embracing a woman patient with a quiet smile of satisfaction and pleasure at a good outcome to a medical problemSmall photo of smiling excited asian woman drawing fortune telling bamboo stick with positive, lucky outcome; concept of happy chinese fortune telling, astrology, luck, future; asian young adult woman modelSmall photo of Young african american office worker throws hands in air celebrating achievement at work. Coworkers around cheering and clapping hands. Rewarding outcome, received promotion, achieved success concept.Small photo of Two business people having a dialogue between, intended to reach a beneficial outcome; man from human resource management interviewing a lady; boss scolding his worker. Business concept photoSmall photo of Results - Business Growing Concept Presentation. Analytical team work with financial result. Conceptual office life. Outcome and summary. Businessman offers results icon on virtual screen.Small photo of African superstitious guy closed eyes keep his fingers crossed hopes for miracle good outcome, black nervous man sincere asks for good luck isolated on grey studio background, begging for help conceptSmall photo of Handwriting text Exam Results. Concept meaning An outcome of a formal test that shows knowledge or ability White pc keyboard with empty note paper above white background key copy space.Small photo of outcome word in a dictionary. outcome concept.Small photo of big truck goes on an automobile outcomeSmall photo of OUTCOME AND WORKPLACE CONCEPT

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