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Small photo of Stacks of paperwork and files in the office: work overload, files management and administration conceptSmall photo of English type G electrical overloaded power plug. Broken power overload switch electric outlet. Outlet, electric plug, electricity. Electric appliance overload, fire danger conceptSmall photo of Closeup portrait stressed sad business asian woman. Burnout overtime overload workhard office syndrome concept. City urban lifestyle stressful depress conceptSmall photo of Closeup portrait stressed sad beautiful business asian woman. Burnout overtime overload workhard office syndrome concept. City urban life style stressful depress conceptSmall photo of A loaded timber truck transports timber logs with an overload on the highway, black smoke. The concept of transportation of timber and wood, copy space, businessSmall photo of Knee ache. Overweight woman touching paining leg. Joints overload, sports trauma.Small photo of Funny deliveryman overload with pizza boxes, keeps one package in mouth, rides fast moped, dressed in special uniform, isolated on purple background. Food courier busy working, serves customersSmall photo of Portrait of angry pensive mad crazy asian woman screaming out (expression, facial), beauty portrait of young asian panic drama woman. Stress burnout office syndrome overload workhard girl conceptSmall photo of Stressed young woman in checkered shirt sitting near chalkboard with electronic documents and internet icons. Concept of information overload. Toned imageSmall photo of Lesvos island, Greece - 29 October 2015. Syrian migrants / refugees arrive from Turkey on boat through sea with cold water near Molyvos, Lesbos on an overload dinghy. Leaving Syria that has warSmall photo of Burnout Syndrome, Man sleeping at his desk working over a laptop,Tried overworked, Freelance man working overload, Young business owner at home office,man feel tried and nap on desk.

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