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Small photo of Male office workers with yellow shirt holding and writing documents on office desk, Stack of business overload paper.Small photo of Business man hand pick up Stack overload document report paper with colorful paperclip, business and paperless concept.Small photo of Information overload. Fatigue from work at home. Tired businessman headache while having a video call via a computer in the home office. Remote team meeting video online conference exhausting callsSmall photo of A 40 ton truck carries construction sand on the highway. Concept of overload on the roads and rental of a dump truck for work, copy spaceSmall photo of Stacks of paperwork and files in the office: work overload, files management and administration conceptSmall photo of Unhappy young male manager covering head with hands, suffering from pressure at work or feeling unwell due to overload. Overworked stressed businessman workaholic having headache, needs rest.Small photo of Electricity breaker overload short circuit, Old grunge messy fuse box fire burn over heat.Small photo of Loaded timber trucks transport timber logs with an overload on the highway. Wood Cargo Transporter. The concept of transportation of timber and woodSmall photo of Man hand pick up Stack overload document report paper with colorful paperclip, business and paperless concept.Small photo of Burnout Syndrome, Man sleeping at his desk working over a laptop,Tried overworked, Freelance man working overload, Young business owner at home office,man feel tried and nap on desk.Small photo of Business woman have a cold blowing her runny nose with tissue. Portrait of Asian beautiful girl get sick sneezing from flu in her office. Healthcare medical overload burnout concept.Small photo of Knee ache. Overweight woman touching paining leg. Joints overload, sports trauma.Small photo of Stressed Young asian business man working late night alone in office late his eyes are gonna closing at table and looking headache sleepy, overtime overload working concept.Small photo of English type G electrical overloaded power plug. Broken power overload switch electric outlet. Outlet, electric plug, electricity. Electric appliance overload, fire danger conceptSmall photo of Image of laptop full of sticky notes reminders on screen. Work overload concept image. Coworking or working at home concept image.

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