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  • Nobody takes a picture of something they want to forget. (Nimeni nu face o poză a unui lucru pe care vrea să-l uite.) - Sy Parrish
  • Hold a picture of yourself long and steadily enough in your mind's eye, and you will be drawn toward it. (Păstrează o imagine a ta destul de mult timp și de constant în ochiul minții, și vei fi atras către ea.) - Harry Emerson Fosdick
  • A good picture is equivalent to a good deed. (Un tablou bun este sinonim cu o faptă bună.) - Vincent Van Gogh
  • Art consists of limitation. The most beautiful part of every picture is the frame. (Arta constă în limitare. Cea mai frumoasă parte a fiecărui tablou este rama.) - G.K. Chesterton
  • I don't believe in careers, I just picture myself always as one of those old actors from the 19th century who go from village to village in their repertoire. (Nu cred în cariere. Întotdeauna mă închipui ca unul dintre acei actori vechi din secolul al nouăsprezecelea care merg din sat în sat cu repertoriul lor.) - Antonio Banderas
  • When I take a picture I take 10 percent of what I see. (Când fac o fotografie imortalizez zece procente din ceea ce văd.) - Annie Leibovitz
  • Of my own work I think that the picture of peasants eating potatoes I did in Nuenen is after all the best I've done. (Cred că tabloul cu țăranii mâncând cartofi, pe care l-am făcut la Nuenen, rămâne, dintre toate, cel mai bun pictat de mine vreodată.) - Vincent Van Gogh

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Small photo of Surreal portrait of a woman with butterflies and peony flower. Interior photo art in art deco style. Beautiful surrealistic art picture with blue, orange, green color. Mixed media.Small photo of Portrait white picture frame mockup on vintage bench, table. Modern ceramic vase with dry Lagurus ovatus grass, books and busines card. White wall background. Scandinavian interior. Vertical.Small photo of Old wooden picture frame isolated on white backgroundSmall photo of photographer taking a picture of woman in red sundress at wooden pier at mountain lake. summer timeSmall photo of America ,10 Jan 2021:In this Picture American prim minister Joe Biden has shown while signing some papers( Selective focus)Small photo of Breakfast still life. Cup of coffee, books and empty picture frame mockup on wooden desk, table. Vase with olive branches. Elegant working space, home office concept. Scandinavian interior design.Small photo of Collage of portraits and faces of multiracial group of various smiling young men and women, good use for userpic and profile picture. Diversity conceptSmall photo of America , 10 Jan 2021 : This picture shows American President Joe Biden ( Selectively focused )Small photo of America,10 Jan 2021: This picture shows Vice president of America Kamala HarrisSmall photo of Amazing milky way galaxy pictureSmall photo of America ,7 Jan 2021:This picture shown American president while speechSmall photo of America , 20 Feb 2021:American president Joe Biden has shown in this picture ( Selectively focused )(blur)Small photo of Chalk hand drawn brain picture with assorted food for brain health and good memory: fresh salmon, vegetables, nuts, berries on black background. Foods to boost brain power, top view, copy spaceSmall photo of Picture of yellow sunflower with blue sky background. Female hands touching flower. Amazing beautiful picture. Sun shines bright. Sunny day. Harvest timeSmall photo of Black lives matter. Symbolic picture showing that we are stronger together. Two people holding hand and raising in unity. Symbol of unity and anti racism.

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