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Small photo of pollard willow with yellow-green autumn leaves against a blue skySmall photo of rural landscape in the spring season with a small sandy path and a row of leafless pollard willow treesSmall photo of Endless-looking bicycle and hiking trail in winter. Along the path is a row of pollard willows. The thaw has begunSmall photo of pollard willow in zhe sunshineSmall photo of Orange rose in Pollard Park, New Zealand April 27, 2019Small photo of A pink rose in Pollard Park, New Zealand April 27 2019Small photo of An orange rose in Pollard Park, New Zealand April 27 2019Small photo of Two bizarrely shaped pollard willows embracing in a green environment in Biesbosch national park, The NetherlandsSmall photo of lonely pollard willow at the edge of the reed beds in Giethoorn, de Wieden, netherlandsSmall photo of Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. June152019. Handre Pollard (c) - Fly-half kicking during the Super Rugby Lions vs Blue Bulls match at Loftus. . Credit : Jonathan McMillanSmall photo of Pollard willows in the early morning mist at the bank of the river Kromme Rijn in Bunnik, The NetherlandsSmall photo of Pollard willow tree with leafless branches at the edge of green grass and yellowed dry reed plants in a Dutch polder in wintertime.Small photo of MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 21, 2019: Modern high rise building on Pollard street in the city centre of Manchester, EnglandSmall photo of Curved path with rows of gnarly pollard willow trees, late summerSmall photo of Dutch portrait landscape with a small trail, pollard willow and a oak tree along a dyke

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