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Small photo of Buddha statue of populace in Kalasin province.Small photo of Our Lady of the Populace Church or Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Populo, Caldas da Rainha, Estremadura, PortugalSmall photo of Cusco, Peru - February 9, 2018: Local populace walks in a hurry while talking on the cell phone in front of the entrance door of the Temple of the Society of Jesus.Small photo of Autthaya, Thailand, Nov 03.2018 : Sufficiency Economy  is a philosophy that stresses the middle path as an overriding principle for appropriate conduct by the populace at all levels.Small photo of DELHI, INDIA - MARCH 17, 2014: Auto rickshaws, known as Tuk-Tuks, dominate roads around the Indian capital , providing a cheap taxi service for the local populace and tourists alikeSmall photo of Sand castle but to protect the populace from invadersSmall photo of Jerome, AZ. U.S.A. August 1, 2017. National Historic Landmark 1967. Populace: 455 (2016). Copper mining-1876 to 1953.

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