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  • Hell is undoubtedly the state of the person leaning over the precipice, who can no longer be pulled back by anyone. (Iadul este, neîndoielnic, starea celui care, aplecat deasupra prăpastiei, nu mai poate fi tras de nimeni înapoi.) - Gabriel Liiceanu

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Small photo of young african american woman inspecting beets just pulled from the dirt in community urban gardenSmall photo of homemade pulled pork burger with bbq sauceSmall photo of red old textured poster removed torn pulled wrenched off a street wall, ripped paper textureSmall photo of Home made pulled pork ready to be eatenSmall photo of A collage of Homemade burgers in a rustic style. Fish burger, cheeseburger, pulled burger and burger with pineapple.Small photo of Pulled pork tacos with salsa, guacamole and lime, with copy spaceSmall photo of young african american woman inpsecting beets just pulled from the dirt in community urban gardenSmall photo of Women's hand Using a credit card, she pulled the card out of her wallet.Small photo of Blue parasail wing pulled by a boat. Sea summer recreation - Cyprus.Small photo of texas bbq with pulled pork, brisket, and hot links in flat lay composition

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