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put down

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Small photo of Stop playing. Loving young parents standing near their pre-teen son and convincing him to put down the phone, while the boy refusing, being stubbornSmall photo of Fat man trying so hard to put down his jeans pant button, stuck because his big fat belly, check out his body fat suffering from extra weight, Fitness and diet concept isolated on white backgroundSmall photo of Busy male student wears casual clothes and boots, writes notes, being invlolved in studying before session. Creative young writer has inspiration, sits on floor, put down notes in diary, isolatedSmall photo of Young woman sitting and put down her hand beside coffee cup and notebooks on rustic wood bench with rural lake view in morning time on weekendSmall photo of Hand put down money coin to growing bag with white backgroundSmall photo of Office worker starting or ending work day by opening or closing laptop lid. Going home after job done or coming back in the morning. Business man in his workstation lift or put down computer cover.

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