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  • If you don't go fishing because you thought it might rain you will never go fishing. This applies to more than fishing. (Dacă nu mergi la pescuit pentru că ai crezut că o să plouă, nu o să mergi la pescuit niciodată. Acest lucru nu este valabil numai pentru pesuit.) - Gary Sow
  • You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That's a part of it. (Te rogi să plouă, trebuie să te descurci și cu noroiul. Face parte din ea.) - Denzel Washington

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Small photo of Contemporary art collage. Lady vintage and watermelon rainSmall photo of Happy and shoutting arrogant rich kid boy millionaire sits with a bundle of money dollars cash in big luxury armchair while bills falling down from the sky. Money rainSmall photo of Beautiful toddler girl molding colorful clay cloud with rain watching online learning lesson on the laptop indoor. Distance home learning concept.Small photo of Rain water droplets with houses in background in City with dark clouds. Rain water droplets on Glass during Rain, dark clouds and detailed water droplets. Rain drops on window glasses surface NaturalSmall photo of Large red and white lighthouse on a rain and storm filled night with a beam of light shining out to seaSmall photo of Essential worker at grocery store in rain coat collecting shopping carts in the rainSmall photo of Man taking a shower washing hair with shampoo product under water falling from luxury rain shower head. Morning routine luxury hotel lifestyle guy showering. body care hygiene.Small photo of heavy rain and tree in the parking lotsSmall photo of Spring rural road landscape. Rural road after rain in springtime. Spring rural roadSmall photo of Woman hands praying for blessing from god, blurred nature background, rain, day. Religious human open empty hands with palms up. Gratitude, preacher worship, solitude pray, religion devotion conceptSmall photo of Happy woman enjoying warm tropical rain falling on her while swimming in infinity pool with a jungle view in Ubud, BaliSmall photo of Water​ rain​ drops​ on​ glass​ background.​ Rain​ drops​ on​ a​ Windows.Small photo of A comet, an asteroid, a meteorite falls to the ground against a starry sky. Attack of the meteorite. Meteor Rain. Kameta tail. End of the world. Astranomy.Small photo of Red umbrella against the storm,sky background and black cloud group and rain, preventing rain and wind hazards,saving planning, and health care,thunderstorm with insurance concept, accident protectionSmall photo of Cobweb or spiderweb natural rain pattern background close-up. Cobweb with drops of rain pattern in blue light. Cobweb net texture with morning rain bokeh. Partial blur view lines spider web necklace

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