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  • Where the common sense is beyond recall, the aphorism gains in meaning. (Acolo unde simțul comun se pierde, aforismul câștigă în semnificații.) - Hasier Agirre

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Small photo of Semi Truck Maintenance. Caucasian Truck Service Worker in His 30s Performing Scheduled Recall Maintenance.Small photo of ATLANTA, GEORGIA - AUGUST 22, 2019 : Honda CRV with recalled driver side Takata airbag. The Takata airbag inflator recall is one of the largest automotive safety recalls in US history.Small photo of Pile of tablets pill in blister packaging to protect medicine from light. Silver aluminium foil blister pack. Pharmaceutical industry. Pharmacy products. Drug recall and withdrawal from market conceptSmall photo of Thinking girl. Portrait closeup funny confused skeptical woman girl female thinking trying to recall looking upwards isolated yellow wall background. Human expressions emotions feelings body languageSmall photo of Headshot thoughtful creative smart attractive curly-haired woman thinking new concept plan design look up touching lip take decision mind, recall name, remember interesting idea white backgroundSmall photo of Brown farm eggs with red cross in white carton. Eggs recall over salmonella. How to buy safest eggs after recallSmall photo of Car Recall Maintenance. Automotive Recall Concept. Technician Preparing Vehicle For the Repair.Small photo of Wondered bearded hipster guy recall important information during phone conversation with friend on smartphone device.Excited young man with stylish beard forgot to call to operatorSmall photo of London, England UK. 2018. Official notification letter and envelope for a UK car safety recallSmall photo of Woman thinking. Daydream. Closeup portrait young lady girl looking up trying to remember, recall information isolated cityscape outdoor background. Multicultural mixed race. Positive face expressionSmall photo of Moscow, Russia - August 8, 2012: Colin Farrell at Total Recall Premiere at Cinema October red carpet, sign says "Total Recall"Small photo of Thinking girl. Portrait closeup funny confused skeptical woman girl female thinking trying to recall looking upwards purple wall background. Human expressions emotions feelings body language.Small photo of Hand with magnifying glass looking at broccoli Recall labelSmall photo of White lightbox with word fda recall on wood backgroundSmall photo of Eindhoven, The Netherlands - 4 October 2019: recall prepacked meat, warning for listeria bacteria or listeriosis infection in grocery store. Products might be improperly processed. Offermans, serie

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