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Small photo of Girl awkward hearing disturbing displeasing story details clenching teeth frowning grimacing aversion, reluctance, showing dislike shock, standing bothered wanna escape uncomfortable situationSmall photo of Black afroamerican rebellious rapper on grey background. Closed face, rejection, separated, reluctance to see, breaking off. Ghetto, challenge to society, cheeky, coolSmall photo of Yikes, awkward. Embarrassed young handsome man caught on lie, feel indesicive and slightly worried, cringe, smiling nervously and look camera with reluctance, stand yellow backgroundSmall photo of A young pretty African-American woman in a striped jacket, holds in his hand a glass of milk, shows his disgust, reluctance to drink milk, hates milk, the face expresses a grimace of disgust.Small photo of Portrait attractive dissatisfied grimacing woman hearing disgusting story frowning clenching teeth aversion, reluctance, friend tell displeasing gross story details, disliking, feeling awkwardSmall photo of A man on a black background covers his ears with his hands. Reluctance to hear.I don't hear evil.Small photo of Female employees feel stressed when forced to sign papers with reluctance.Small photo of Ignorant displeased whining silly teenage asian girl disliking present sulking offended disappointed show thumb down dismay reluctance uninterested boring party standing white background upsetSmall photo of Eat please. Loving young father asking his son to eat his breakfast while the boy turning his face away, showing his reluctanceSmall photo of Reluctance to learn. Young long-haired mother standing talking with a school-aged daughter sitting at the table in a sad mood.Small photo of Displeased, disgusted picky handsome macho man with blond haircut, bristle, squinting from dislike and reluctance, pointing down aversion, standing skeptical, complain bad smell, white background

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