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  • Try to find the path of least resistance and use it without harming others. Live with integrity and morality, not only with people but with all beings. (Încercați să găsiți calea care opune cea mai mică rezistență și folosiți-o fără să le faceți rău altora. Trăiți integru și în spiritul moralității, nu doar față de oameni, ci și de toate ființele.) - Steven Seagal

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Small photo of Peaceful Protest group and protester unity and diversity partnership as heart hands in a fist of diverse people together as a nonviolent resistance symbol of justice and fighting for a good cause.Small photo of Stronger immunity - better disease resistance. Young healthy woman surrounded by viruses in crowdSmall photo of Resistance band exercise at home. Woman doing pilates workout using elastic strap pulling with arms for shoulder training on yoga mat indoors.Small photo of Woman during her fitness workout at home with rubber resistance bandSmall photo of Young trainer helping senior woman with resistance band. Lovely physiotherapy health worker exercise with old woman at home. Happy smiling senior woman using rubber band to improve her muscle tone.Small photo of Full length of plus size woman exercising with resistance band. Female doing resistance band workout outdoors in morning.Small photo of Smiling athletic young woman training legs at home watching active sports workout video lesson. Fit female athlete in activewear doing forward lunges exercise with elastic resistance rubber glute bandSmall photo of Resistance band fitness at home Asian woman doing leg workout donkey kick floor exercises with strap elastic. Glute muscle activation with kickback for thighs cellulite.Small photo of Young woman in sportswear exercising with a resistance band in front of a tv at homeSmall photo of Rolled blue yoga mat and white metal water bottle flask grey wooden surface Dumbbell rubber resistance band. Gender neutral fitness and exercise concept and hydration with copy space. Active lifestyleSmall photo of Resistance band clamshell leg workout hip abduction wide loop resistance booty circle bands toning inner and outer thighs, hamstring muscles. Asian fit girl training at home.Small photo of Fitness woman doing glute bridge exercise with resistance band on gray background. Athletic girl working outSmall photo of Fitness woman doing squats exercise for glute with resistance band on gray background. Athletic girl working outSmall photo of Home workout with resistance band. Girl training at home. Sports woman exercising with resistance band. Strong sporty girl in sportswear. Fitness exercise. Girl watching online tutorials on tablet.Small photo of Young older senior asia citizen couple sit on sofa couch with in-home nursing care, assisted living, scrubs nurse use resistance band exercise for senior patient in physiotherapy treatment at home.

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