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  • I propose getting rid of conventional armaments and replacing them with reasonably priced hydrogen bombs that would be distributed equally throughout the world. (Propun să renunțăm la armamentul standard și să-l înlocuim cu bombe de hidrogen accesibile ca preț, care să fie distribuite egal în toată lumea.) - Idi Amin
  • Hating people is like burning down your house to get rid of a rat. (Să-i urăști pe oameni este ca și cum ai da foc casei ca să scapi de un șobolan.) - Harry Emerson Fosdick
  • The only way to get rid of responsibilities is to discharge them. (Singura modalitate în care poți scăpa de responsabilități este să le îndeplinești.) - Walter S. Robertson
  • Once you get rid of integrity the rest is a piece of cake. (Odată ce ai scăpat de integritate, restul e floare la ureche.) - Larry Hagman
  • Love is a great pain, and distressing to be rid of this pain. (O mare durere să iubești, o mare nenorocire să scapi de această durere.) - Ion Luca Caragiale

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Small photo of caucasian woman removes the plastic bag from her head, young short-haired female is going to get rid of pollution, sad and seriousSmall photo of Physiotherapist helping young woman do wall squats with fit ball to get rid of backache and regain spinal health. Young female patient doing back exercise using fitball in physio room of modern clinicSmall photo of Employees at a termite control company are using a chemical sprayer to get rid of termites at customers' homes and search for termite nests to eradicate them. Chemical spray ideas to prevent insects.Small photo of Conceptual photography. The woman holds a red ball near his belly, which symbolizes bloating and flatulence. Then she brings a needle to it to burst the balloon and thus get rid of the problem.Small photo of Getting rid of worried with good tunes in ears. Pleased attractive young african woman in trendy outfit listening music in wireless earphones touching earbud smiling dancing and holding smartphoneSmall photo of Joint motion recovery. Physiotherapist teaching male patient to do arm across chest or cross-body stretch exercise to relieve shoulder pain, cure frozen shoulder and help get rid of joint stiffnessSmall photo of Men's hands use hand sanitizer, hand wash gel, spray pump to clean and get rid of epidemic viruses.Small photo of African woman sit on couch near laptop take break reduce stress do yoga meditation exercise to calm down self control get rid of negative emotions, bad e-mail, difficult task, problems at work conceptSmall photo of Conceptual photography. The man holds a red ball near his belly, which symbolizes bloating and flatulence. Then he brings a needle to it to burst the balloon and thus get rid of the problem.Small photo of Image Selecting the focal point, a handwashing bottle, the gel is pumping alcohol into the other hand to get rid of corona virus 2019 and other germs that may touch your hand.soft background.Small photo of Health center staff spraying the smoke to get rid of mosquitoes at forest for stop spreading infections dengue fever and malariaSmall photo of Phew that was close. Portrait of relieved handsome bearded man wiping sweat from forehead and exhale as got rid of problem, finished task, feeling exhausted, standing white backgroundSmall photo of anonymous alcoholics community of people who share their experiences, strengths and hopes with each other to solve their common problem and help others get rid of alcoholismSmall photo of Eliminate or get rid of debt concept , Silhouette man pushed off debt wording a cliff with blue cloud sky and sunlight.Small photo of Getting Rid of Gnats in Your House. get rid of the kitchen midge. recipe home traps. add wine or wine vinegar in a bowl and a few drops of soap. set instead of clusters.

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