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Small photo of Iwonicz Zdroj, Poland 31.03.2021 - the historic building of the sanatorium in Iwonicz ZdrojSmall photo of Large abandoned reception area of an old sanatorium in Brandenburg, Germany.Small photo of Belarus, Minsk-October 31, 2019: Multifunctional platform Viora V30. Woman receives laser and ultrasound treatment of face and body and hands in a medical sanatorium, skin rejuvenation concept.Small photo of SOCHI, RUSSIA NOVEMBER 16, 2019: Abandoned sanatorium named after Ordzhonikidze sanatorium in the middle of the tropical jungle at sunset. View of the fountain and the main building among the trees.Small photo of Marble staircase and the front entrance of an abandoned sanatorium Georgia. Gagra, Abkhazia. Abandoned.Small photo of Corridor of the sanatorium. Department of the sanatorium. Tuberculosis sanatoriumSmall photo of Sanatorium wall with many balconies. Park plants and statue nearby. Shot in Partenit, CrimeaSmall photo of Abandoned sanatorium in the former spaSmall photo of The coast of Anapa from a height. View of the calm Black Sea, the stone beach High Coast, the sanatorium, and the old part of the city. Summer at the resort.Small photo of Abandoned sanatorium named after Ordzhonikidze. Soviet architecture.Small photo of Old abandoned sanatorium Ordzhonikidze. Sochi, Russia.Small photo of Elderly grandmother in pink terry bathrobe brushes her teeth in bathroom. Hygienic procedures. Pensioners in sanatoriumSmall photo of Granddaughter, nurse, caring for the elderly, boy(man) hugging grandmother, smiling, happy, walking in the park. Concept: boarding house, sanatorium, a house for the elderly, help for the elderly.Small photo of Panoramic view, Sanatorium "Rodina", former sanatorium "Ukraine", Crimea. Gaspra, Russia - March 23, 2021Small photo of The building of an abandoned sanatorium named after Ordzhonikidze in Sochi, Russia. Local tourist attraction. 29 October 2019

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