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  • I never saw a pessimistic general win a battle. (Nu am văzut niciodată un general pesimist să câștige o bătălie.) - Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • So I'm ugly. I never saw anyone hit with his face. (Deci sunt urât. N-am văzut vreodată pe cineva lovind cu fața.) - Yogi Berra
  • I came, I saw, I conquered. (Am venit, am văzut, am învins.) - Iulius Cezar
  • I never saw an ugly thing in my life for let the form of an object be what it may - light, shade, and perspective will always make it beautiful. (Nu am văzut niciodată în viața mea un lucru urât căci, indiferent de forma obiectului, lumina, umbrele și perspectiva îl vor face mereu frumos.) - John Constable
  • The moment Robinson saw man Friday, he decided to hold a meeting. (Când l-a văzut pe Vineri, Robinson a hotărât să țină imediat o ședință.) - Valeriu Butulescu
  • We saw light at the end of the tunnel. We'll wait a while, and if it doesn't fade we will carry on. (Am văzut lumina de la capătul tunelului. Vom aștepta puțin și, dacă nu se stinge, ne vom continua drumul.) - Ninus Nestorovic
  • My models of beauty are classical art, the monasteries in north Moldavia, and the majestic harmony of space where I saw the light of day . (Modelele mele de frumusețe sunt arta clasică, mănăstirile din nordul Moldovei și grandioasa armonie a spațiului în care am văzut lumina zilei.) - Theodor Grigoriu

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Small photo of Reliable tool. Builder working with saw. Worker with hand saw. Man builder uniform. Job for true man. Indoor works. Joinery, wooden components of building. Production of stairs door and window framesSmall photo of Round wooden saw cut cylinder shape on beige background abstract background. Minimal box and geometric podium. Scene with geometrical forms. Empty showcase for eco cosmetic product presentationSmall photo of Round wooden saw cut cylinder shape for product presentation on a beige background. Round geometric shape of the cylinder. eco style and minimalism. wood sliceSmall photo of Electric tool set cordless rechargeable screwdrivers , Angle Grinder,circular saws ,cordless band saws,Portable Band Saw on white backgroundSmall photo of Caucasian Contractor Carpenter Worker in His 40s Using Commercial Grade Circular Saw in Construction Zone. Industrial Theme. Wooden Skeleton Framing Building.Small photo of The shocked and disappointed man saw the bad news in the invoices. Frustrated unemployed man with documents.Small photo of Clean white kitchen Saw and wanted to cookSmall photo of Miter saw with a large metal blade in the hands of a carpenter. Working tool for sawing wooden planks. A close-up of the sawing process. Labor protection and safety rules for the use of power tools.Small photo of Chainsaw in action cutting wood. Man cutting wood with saw, dust and movements. Chainsaw. Close-up of woodcutter sawing chain saw in motion, sawdust fly to sides.Small photo of Electric tool set cordless rechargeable screwdrivers , Angle Grinder,circular saws ,cordless band saws,Portable Band Saw on white backgroundSmall photo of Final garden work of autumn. Farmer hand saw and cuts branches of a tree in the garden. Man sawing tree with hand saw. Autumn cut tree close up.Small photo of Closeup of wood cutting table with electric circular saw. Man skilled cabinet maker using circular saw at woodworking workshop. Professional carpenter cutting wooden board at sawmill. Sawing machineSmall photo of the hands of the master saw the metal with a grinder. metal works in the workshop close upSmall photo of Saw disk circle install. The craftsman installs the circular saw blade on the woodworking machine. Circular saw maintenance and adjustmentSmall photo of a young beautiful african market woman feeling happy about what she saw on her cellphone

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