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Small photo of Mid aged mother sit on couch scold grown up daughter, angry mum tell complaints lecturing teen adult child feeling stressed, misunderstandings, generational gap, difficulties in relationships conceptSmall photo of Angry young adult mom scold stubborn fussy upset little kid daughter sulking sit on sofa ignore parent, single mother shout at unhappy preschool difficult child girl punish for bad behavior at homeSmall photo of Angry young dad sit on couch lecture scold preschooler son closing ears with hands, offended stubborn boy child avoid ignore listening to serious mad father talking, having dispute or quarrel at homeSmall photo of Attractive sad woman embraces little frustrated girl rear view, daughter snuggle to mother seeking for support and protection, concept of empathy and consoling or people make peace after scold conceptSmall photo of Serious young mom or nanny sit on couch with little preschooler girl talk sharing secrets, focused mother have conversation with small daughter, lecture or scold child, children upbringing conceptSmall photo of Focus on upset sad small daughter sitting on sofa with mother, mom scold kid for bad behaviour, child psychologist help girl deal with emotional social behavior problems trauma therapy support conceptSmall photo of Angry dissatisfied company owner or team leader mature businesswoman scold young diverse multiracial incompetent workers. Multi-ethnic employees feel guilty made mistake which cause serious lossesSmall photo of Angry mature businesswoman, middle-aged boss scold, blame employees for bad work results, holding business briefing, lecturing office workers team, subordinates for business failure at company meeting

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