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Small photo of long rice in burlap sack and wooden scoop with ears isolated on white backgroundSmall photo of uncooked jasmine rice falling from scoop in wooden bowl isolated on white backgroundSmall photo of flying ice cream scoop on blue backgroundSmall photo of Coffee beans in a wooden bowl made of olive wood, in a paper bag, a metal scoop and ground coffee on a light gray background. Space for text.Small photo of Pat of farm butter with wooden spreader with a scoop of butter on top viewed from above on a rustic wood table in square formatSmall photo of flying ice cream scoop on purple backgroundSmall photo of Strawberry ice cream scoop with fresh strawberries and icecream cones on a rustic backgroundSmall photo of Woman with immersion blender making banana chocolate protein powder milkshake smoothie.Adding a scoop of low carb whey protein mix to shake after a home workout.Diet after the gym.Healthy lifestyleSmall photo of Six different flavor and color ice cream scoops isolated on white background. Strawberry ice cream scoop. Vanilla ice cream scoop, chocolate ice cream scoop.Small photo of Water scoop mill in east friesland north germany, Traditional windmill in the sunset on a fieldSmall photo of Dark roasted coffee beans with scoop on wooden backgroundSmall photo of Fresh fruit with scoops of creamy speciality ice cream in assorted flavors with raspberry, berry, blueberry, strawberry, walnut , pistachio, chocolate, sugar cones and a scoop for serving from aboveSmall photo of Bowl and scoop with oatmeal flakes isolated on white backgroundSmall photo of Turmeric ( curcumin, Curcuma longa Linn) powder in wooden bowl and scoop with rhizome and glass of honey isolated on old wood table background. Beauty and spa concept.Small photo of Close up of women with measuring scoop of whey protein and shaker bottle, preparing protein shake.

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