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  • Seeing our Father in everything makes life one long thanksgiving and gives rest of the heart. (Să-L vedem pe Tatăl nostru în toate face ca viața să fie o recunoștință îndelungată și ne liniștește sufletul.) - Hannah Whitall Smith
  • Seeing that we are born, let us therefore seek our destiny. (Să ne căutăm așadar destinul, de vreme ce tot ne-am născut.) - Valeriu Butulescu
  • The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any. (Cel mai greu lucru pentru copiii din ziua de azi este să învețe bunele maniere fără să le vadă la nimeni.) - Fred Astaire
  • I believe in "soulmates", especially growing up and seeing how much my parents loved each other. Thay always said that they had been married in past lives too. (Cred în sufletele pereche, mai ales că am crescut văzându-i pe părinții mei cât de mult se iubesc. Întotdeauna au susținut că au fost căsătoriți și în viețile lor trecute.) - Nadia Bjorlin
  • What is art but a way of seeing? (Ce altceva e arta, decât un mod de a privi?) - Thomas Berger
  • One must feel a woman before even seeing it. (Cineva trebuie să simtă o femeie înainte de a o vedea.) - Marcel Rochas

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Small photo of Elderly caucasian woman interacting with young female doctor via zoom video call,medical worker seeing patient in virtual house call,telemedicine during pandemic and on demand medical service conceptSmall photo of Grandfather teaching grandson using telescope to see the constellations and moon. Child seeing satellite using telescope with senior man. Granddad and grandchild using telescope to see moon surface.Small photo of Happy surprised child looking at laptop computer screen lighting up his face, seeing wonderful Christmas gifts and amazing presents in Internet store or watching online Xmas film on cinema websiteSmall photo of Photo of worried concerned girlfriend seeing her phone screen cracked and shattered to pieces while isolated with yellow backgroundSmall photo of Person looking and seeing similar numbers. Seeing same similar numbers is called Angel numbers. Angels sending cryptic messages and communicating concept.Small photo of Indian woman in traditional dress seeing full moon before seeing her husband or partner through sieve during Hindu Indian religious karwa chauth festival at homeSmall photo of Person looking and seeing similar numbers. Seeing same similar numbers is called Angel numbers. Angels sending cryptic messages and communicating concept.Small photo of Close up photo of astonished man seeing something strange in front of him while isolated with yellow backgroundSmall photo of Parkinson and Alzheimer female senior elderly patient with caregiver in hospice care. Doctor hand with stethoscope check up older woman people. Old aging person seeing medical physician in hospital.Small photo of Head shot Beautiful young woman surprised facial expression after seeing shocking, amaze deal in mobile phone isolated on yellow background. Studio shot. banner size.Small photo of Grocery and Meal-Kit Delivery Services Seeing. Ordering delivery is the safest way to get food during the coronavirus outbreak. Service For Healthy Prepared Meals Delivered To DoorSmall photo of Screenshot of buying male stocks and futures markets in Thailand on 11 May 2020 By seeing the price increase After the news, the number of covid-19 infected people decreased a lot.Small photo of Shillong,Meghalaya,India 5th September 2020 , A person seeing Adobe photoshop loading screen on laptop screen close-up.Small photo of Worker checking time and looking at wrist watch at home office. Young Businessman seeing clock to work. On desk with calendar, annual, and summary report.Time out for appointment meeting concept.Small photo of Surprised young successful working woman in blue blouse look impressed as seeing something unexpecting and awesome, pointing finger left sharing great news with you, white background

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