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Small photo of The narrow window in the wall. The grille on the window. Serfdom window. Ancient masonry. Bright old brick. The protective structure.Small photo of Moscow - October 11, 2014: Monument to Alexander 2. Life Years 1855-1881. Canceled in 1861 Serfdom in Russia, and completed many years of the Caucasian War. Was killed in a terrorist attack.Small photo of ZAGREB, CROATIA-MAR. 23, 2015: The Ban Jelacic monument stands in the square bearing his name and was created by Anton Fernkorn in 1866. He led the movement to abolish serfdom in Croatia.Small photo of Moscow, Russia. May 10, 2017. Memorial post in honor of the liberation of peasants from serfdom in the Museum-reserve KolomenskoyeSmall photo of DENMARK - CIRCA 1938: A postage stamp from Denmark showing a memorial column in Copenhagen on the occasion of the abolition of serfdom of the peasantsSmall photo of 11 14 2019 Divnoe Stavropol Territory Russia postage stamp USSR 1989 150 years since the birth of N.V. Nevreva 1830-1904 bargaining - a scene from the serfdom of 1866 painting reproductionSmall photo of Unique ethnic interior. Traditional (national) design. The hotel room. Ukrainian style and specific decorations of serfdom historical period. Europe, Ukraine, Carpathians, Hotel "History".Small photo of Mount Serfdom. Crimea, SudakSmall photo of Mount Serfdom over the Black Sea in SudakSmall photo of Serfdom and low paying labor.Small photo of USSR - CIRCA 1980: Stamp printed in the USSR shows painting "Bargaining. Sale peasant new owner. A scene from the life of serfdom." by Nikolay Nevrev, circa 1980

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