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  • Memory is just another muscle. You have to keep it in shape. That's reason enough to keep acting in the theater. (Memoria e doar un alt mușchi. Trebuie să o menții în formă. Acesta-i un motiv suficient pentru a juca în teatru.) - Carole Bouquet
  • Life has worn me down to a very real shape. I'm a fully realized person, one that is truly in the world with talents and flaws. (Viața m-a uzat până la o înfățișare foarte reală. Sunt o persoană pe deplin realizată, o persoană neprefăcută în lume, cu talente și defecte.) - Linda Hamilton
  • The visions we offer our children shape the future. (Viziunile pe care le oferim copiilor noștri, vor modela viitorul.) - Carl Sagan

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Small photo of Collection of White Cosmetic Cream Isolated on White Background. Skin Tone CC Cream Tear Shape. Set of Lipstick Smear. Lip Gloss Smudge. Cosmetics BB Makeup Swatche. Drop of Liquid Foundation StrokeSmall photo of International Women's Day. Banner, flyer, beautiful postcard for March 8. Flowers and butterflies in the shape of the number eight on a pink background.Small photo of International Women's Day. Banner, flyer, beautiful postcard for March 8. Flowers and butterflies in the shape of the number eight on a pink background.Small photo of Autumn forest background. Vibrant color tree, red orange foliage in fall park. Nature change Yellow leaves in october season Sun up in blue heart shape sky Sunny day weather, bright light banner frameSmall photo of Doctor Hands in protective gloves holding Coronavirus 2019-nCoV Vaccine vial and gesture in heart shape. Successful, Hope, Good news, Support, Donation, Priority, Fight with Covid-19 pandemic. Banner.Small photo of Minimal background, mock up with podium for product display,Abstract white geometry shape background minimalist Valentine's day pink background,Abstract mock up backgroundup 3D rendering.Small photo of The sky has the light of the sun, the sky is blue, there are small and large clouds alternating and moving slowly, with the sunlight passing, creating a miraculous abstract shape, a hot day.Small photo of Round wooden saw cut cylinder shape on beige background abstract background. Minimal box and geometric podium. Scene with geometrical forms. Empty showcase for eco cosmetic product presentationSmall photo of White Paper Texture background. Crumpled white paper abstract shape background with space paper for textSmall photo of Connected diversity and circle shaped group of ropes creating a centralized circular shape in a horizontal composition as a connect concept for business or social media.Small photo of Female african professional medic nurse wear face mask, gloves, blue green uniform showing heart hands shape. Medical love, care and safety symbol, corona virus health protection sign concept. CloseupSmall photo of Autumn background landscape. Yellow color tree, red orange foliage in fall forest. Abstract autumn nature beauty scene October season sun heart shape sky Calm season life feel. Fall nature tree leavesSmall photo of Orange podium and minimal abstract background for Halloween, 3d rendering geometric shape, Stage for awards on website in modern.Small photo of Key with keychain in a house shape in the door keyhole. Buy new home concept. Real estate market.Small photo of Blue sky background and white clouds soft focus, and copy space horizontal shape

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