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sheep dog

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Small photo of Cute Kelpie (Australian breed of sheep dog) on a beach with a beach ball decorated with the Australian flag.Small photo of Miniature Poodle playing with working sheep dog border collie. Jumping, running and being happy playing fetch.Small photo of Black sheep dog in the parkSmall photo of Working border collie sheep dog herding three sheep in a rowSmall photo of Miniature poodle and border collie sheep dog play tug of war with a ball on a string rag toy. fun close upSmall photo of Handsome Border Collie sheep dog - Close up headshot against blue skySmall photo of Hungarian breed of sheep dog called a Kuvasz sitting in a snowy prairie in WyomingSmall photo of Old english sheep dog young adult sitting and facing the camera isolated on a white backgroundSmall photo of Red and tan Kelpie (Australian breed of sheep dog) herding a group of sheep.Small photo of Black sheep dog in the parkSmall photo of An Old English Sheep Dog sitting on the lawn.

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