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  • For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream. (În ceea ce mă privește, nu am nicio certitudine, dar privitul stelelor mă face să visez.) - Vincent Van Gogh
  • Never let a beautiful woman pick your path for you when there is a man in her line of sight. (Nu lăsa niciodată o femeie frumoasă să-ți aleagă calea atunci când se află un bărbat în raza ei vizuală.) - Terry Goodkind
  • A country losing touch with its own history is like an old man losing his glasses, a distressing sight, at once vulnerable, unsure, and easily disoriented. (O țară care pierde legătura cu propria-i istorie este asemenea unui bătrân care și-a pierdut ochelarii, o imagine neplăcută, cândva vulnerabilă, nesigură și puțin confuză.) - George Walden
  • Faith is not a sense, nor sight, nor reason, but taking God at His work. (Credința nu este sentiment, nici motiv, ci Dumnezeu la treabă.) - Faith Evans
  • That book taught me that by reading, I could live more intensely. It could give me back the sight I had lost. (Cartea aceea m-a învățat că cititul mă putea face să trăiesc tot mai intens, că îmi putea înapoia vederea pe care o pierdusem.) - Carlos Ruiz Zafon
  • Painting is the silence of thought and the music of sight. (Pictura este tăcerea minții, muzica ochiului.) - Orhan Pamuk

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Small photo of Thermometer Gun Isometric Medical Digital Non-Contact Infrared Sight Handheld Forehead Readings. Temperature Measurement Device isolated on white backgroundSmall photo of Tired young man feel pain eyestrain holding glasses rubbing dry irritated eyes fatigued from computer work, stressed man suffer from headache bad vision sight problem sit at home table using laptopSmall photo of Portrait of blond little boy in green sweater and glasses. Kid at eye sight test. Stylish child holding glasses and looking at camera. Vision, eyesight measurement for school children. Back to school.Small photo of Young curious guy likes millennial beautiful girl looking with interest watching smiling lady sitting nearby in cafe using smartphone, flirt in public place, dating and love at first sight conceptSmall photo of Overworked stressed asian business woman employee holding glasses feeling pain in dry eye strain or headache suffer from bad blurry weak vision tired of computer work syndrome, sight problem conceptSmall photo of Tired man taking off glasses rubbing dry irritated eyes to relieve pain feeling discomfort suffers eyestrain poor blurry vision isolated on white grey studio background, organ of sight fatigue conceptSmall photo of Asian women wearing traditional japanese kimono in Yasaka Pagoda and Sannen Zaka Street with Cherry blossom season in Kyoto, Japan. Woman walking to sight seeing in Japan.Small photo of Scenic sight in the picturesque Cordoba jewish quarter with the bell tower of the Mosque Cathedral. Andalusia, Spain.Small photo of Young businessman taking off glasses feels eye strain tension tired of computer sitting at cafe table with laptop, millennial guy has bad sight vision problem massaging dry eyes after long laptop useSmall photo of Gorgeous, unreal beautiful night view of the reflection of the northern lights in the water of the ocean and snow-capped mountains. Night Northern Lights is just an amazing sight.Small photo of Hunter Target with laser sight. Collimating sight. Hunter with shotgun gun on hunt. Hunter Target with laser sight. Hunter aiming rifle in forest. Poacher in the ForestSmall photo of Young attractive woman flirting with a man on the street.Flirty smiling woman looking back on a handsome man.Female attraction.Love at first sight.Meeting ex boyfriendSmall photo of Older mature woman holding taking optical glasses from bedside table waking up in morning, old people eye sight problem, optometry optics ophthalmology, bad vision concept, eyeglasses close up viewSmall photo of Overjoyed cute small preschooler girl in glasses isolated on grey studio background feel happy laugh at funny joke, smiling little child in spectacles excited with good sight correction at opticiansSmall photo of Tired of computer african businessman taking off glasses feels eye strain fatigue after long office work on laptop, exhausted overworked stressed depressed black man having bad sight vision problem

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