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  • When a young man complains that a young lady has no heart, it is a pretty certain sign that she has his. (Când un tânăr se plânge că o domnișoară nu are inimă, este un semn sigur că ea o are pe a lui.) - George D. Prentice
  • Joy is but the sign that creative emotion is fulfilling its purpose. (Bucuria nu este decât semnul că emoția creativă și-a îndeplinit scopul.) - Charles Du Bos
  • Gratitude is the sign of noble souls. (Recunoștința este o virtute a sufletelor nobile.) - Esop
  • Whether he admits it or not, a man has been brought up to look at money as a sign of his virility, a symbol of his power, a bigger phallic symbol than a Porsche. (Chiar dacă recunoaște sau nu, bărbatul a ajuns să privească banul ca pe un semn al virilității sale, un simbol al puterii, un simbol falic mai important decât un Porsche.) - Victoria Billings
  • A multitude of laws in a country is like a great number of physicians, a sign of weakness and malady. (Un număr mare de legi într-o țară este ca un număr mare de doctori, semn de slăbiciune și boală.) - Voltaire
  • There is no better sign of success than the hatred and envy of the others. (Nu există semn mai bun al reușitei decât ura și invidia celorlalți.) - Gabriel Liiceanu
  • Uncertainty is a sign of humility, and humility is just the ability or the willingness to learn. (Nesiguranța este semnul umilinței, iar umilința este chiar abilitatea sau bunăvoința de a învăța.) - Charlie Sheen
  • It's a sign of mediocrity when you demonstrate gratitude with moderation. (E un semn de mediocritate când dai dovadă de gratitudine cu moderație.) - Roberto Benigni
  • I think repeating yourself is a sign of old age, telling the same joke again and again. Especially if they're jokes that don't make people laugh. (Cred că atunci când te repeți e un semn de bătrânețe, să spui aceleași glume iar și iar. Mai ales dacă sunt glume care nu-i fac pe oameni să râdă.) - Simon Le Bon
  • The fact to be inhabit by an incomprehensible nostalgia, could be the sign that there is an "elsewhere". (Faptul că sunt stăpânit de un dor de neînțeles, ar fi totuși semnul că există un altundeva.) - Eugene Ionesco

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Small photo of New way versus old way road sign. White two street signs with arrow on metal pole with word. Directional road. Crossroads Road Sign, Two Arrow. Blue sky background. Two way road sign with text.Small photo of Small business owner smiling while turning the sign for the reopening of the place after the quarantine due to covid-19. Close up of woman’s hands holding sign now we are open support local business.Small photo of Happy waiter with protective face mask holding open sign while standing at cafe doorway.Small photo of Open. barista, waitress woman wearing protection face mask turning open sign board on glass door in modern cafe coffee shop, cafe restaurant, retail store, small business owner, food and drink conceptSmall photo of Reopening for business adapt to new normal in the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Rear view of business owner wearing medical mask placing open sign “OPEN BUSINESS AS NEW NORMAL” on front door.Small photo of Close up focus on happy sincere female holding folded hands on chest. Emotional positive kind candid millennial woman feeling thankful indoors, showing gratitude sign, believe faith charity concept.Small photo of Red round sign printed on ground at supermarket cash desk register informing people to keep 2 meter 6 feet distance from each other,prevent spreading Coronavirus COVID-19 virus disease infection,UK&USSmall photo of Real estate agent talked about the terms of the home purchase agreement and asked the customer to sign the documents to make the contract legally, Home sales and home insurance concept.Small photo of Female african professional medic nurse wear face mask, gloves, blue green uniform showing heart hands shape. Medical love, care and safety symbol, corona virus health protection sign concept. CloseupSmall photo of Smiling indian latin deaf disabled child school girl learning online class on laptop communicating with teacher by video conference call using sign language showing hand gesture during virtual lesson.Small photo of Business office or store shop is closed, bankrupt business due to the effect of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Unidentified person wearing mask hanging closed sign in background on front door.Small photo of Closed businesses for COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, closure sign on retail store window banner background. Government shutdown of restaurants, shopping stores, non essential services.Small photo of Close-up on a red closed sign in the window of a shop displaying the message "Closed due to Covid-19".Small photo of Young woman wearing medical face mask, studio portrait. Woman Wearing Protective Mask and Showing OK sign. Woman wearing surgical mask for corona virusSmall photo of Bright electric neon red sign saying the word Open on a white background, indicating a store, shop, pub or restaurant is now open for business sign.

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