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  • The capacity to care is what gives life its most deepest significance. (Capacitatea de a avea grjă unii de alții e ceea ce dă vieții sens.) - Pablo Casals
  • The significance of life is living. (Sensul vieții este să trăiești.) - Krishnamurti

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Small photo of Man opposes red man to group of people on scales. Give a head start. Get an edge advantage. Career growth, nepotism. Leader and valued employee. Inequality of rights. Social significance.Small photo of Ergaki is a natural complex, which received the status of a park of regional significance in Russia, it combines the natural beauty of the Sayan Mountains and a developed tourist infrastructure.Small photo of Uhud Mountain Range Where battle of Uhud has been fought in Madinah, Saudi Arabia With Religious SignificanceSmall photo of Human figurine has equal weight against a group of people. Authoritative and important. Highly qualified specialist. Inequality of rights. Steadfastness and self-confidence. Social significance.Small photo of Mountains surrounding Tarasp castle, in the canton of Graubunden (Engadin) Switzerland. Tarasp is a village in Graubunden, Switzerland. The castle is a Swiss heritage site of national significanceSmall photo of SINGAPORE, 29 MARCH 2019 - A bottle of Maotai baijiu liqour alongside the original packaging. Maotai is a famous Chinese liqour of cultural significance from Guizhou, ChinaSmall photo of Bushmen rock paintings White Lady in Brandberg mountain area in Namibia. A spiritual site of great significance to the San (Bushman) tribes. Prehistoric archeological sign.Small photo of Norfolk Island, South Pacific, Australia: Some of the many convict buildings in the area of outstanding national significance at Kingston. The administrative capital of Norfolk Island.Small photo of Winter night view of ancient orthodox church in Veliky Ustyug. Great Ustyug has great historical significance of Russian NorthSmall photo of Aerial view on Pilgrimage Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary - pilgrimage site of European significance "The Holy Hill".Silhouette of basilica minor against pink evening clouds over landscapeSmall photo of Red and white folders with documents lying on the desktop next to a calculator and a pen. The lettering on the folder has financial or marketing significance. Business concept.Small photo of Date fruits arranged in moon shape on a straw plate. Islamic festive food and it's significance.Small photo of A venomous spider of the genus Phoneutria, family Ctenidae, who has potential medical significance to humans, found in South America.Small photo of Buddha statues are taken as objects of great significance in Buddhism and followers of the religion. This ceramic miniature gives a fresh look to your set up.Small photo of The most special days in August is World Photography Day. The Day is celebrated on 19th August internationally, where in the people embrace the significance attached to photography in daily life.

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