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Small photo of Girl holding piece of parmesan cheese on a skewer and wooden plate with cheese. Delicious cheese mix with walnuts, honey. Food for wine.Small photo of Traditional oriental Adana kebap and shashlik skewer with tomato and flatbread as top view on a plate with copy space rightSmall photo of Men's hands with a skewer. Close photo of the process of grilling skewers on skewers on the grill. A man turns skewers with grilled meat.Small photo of Yakitori Japanese Grilled Skewer Restaurant private seating area. Mostly decorated with oak wood texture. Minimalist interior design.Small photo of Barbecue leg of lamb on skewer - Churrasco Brazilian BBQ cooked on the rotisserie served by cutting meat directly off skewers table side, Dinner buffet seafood night.Small photo of BANGKOK, THAILAND. DEC 8, 2016: Yakitori Japanese Grilled Skewer Restaurant with counter bar around the grill kitchen area. Mostly decorated with oak wood texture.Small photo of Marinated shashlik preparing on a barbecue grill over charcoal. Meat with smoke on a barbecue grill over charcoal. Grilled cubes of meat on metal skewer. Meat on skewers is roasted on fire. Copy spaceSmall photo of Deep Grilled Golden Lamb Kebab or Barbecue Shashlik on a Skewer with Spices Top View. Macro Photo of Skewered Grilled Cubes of Mutton Meat with Selective Focus on Black Background with Fresh GreensSmall photo of grilled seafood scallop and sea urchin eggs skewer with smoke, japanese street food at Tsukiji Fish Market, Japan. selective focus and film style.Small photo of roasted peeled prawn with skewer isolated on white background ,grilled shrimpSmall photo of Juicy skewers on a skewer. Meat on skewers. Barbecue.

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