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  • Melpomene was a substantial girl, thick of bosom, ankle, and forearm, rosy of cheek, and clear of eye. She seemed somehow incomplete without her hockey stick. (Melpomene era o fată solidă, cu sânii mari și cu gleznele și antebrațele groase, cu roșu în obraji și ochii cristalini. Părea oarecum incompletă fără crosa ei de hochei.) - Trevanian

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Small photo of Epirus, Greece - October 2019:A Lactarius sanguifluus mushroom, commonly known as the bloody milk cap. One of the species of fungus. Belongs to the family Russulaceae. At Vikos gorge. Somehow blurred.Small photo of This color and petals soothe and somehow magically make you look at the photo more and more.Small photo of Bougainvillea in black and white version making the tone calm and somehow blueSmall photo of The leaf was somehow perfectly caught by the tree barkSmall photo of Ube ice cream cone! Taste kind of sweet and somehow love the ube taste!Small photo of Flowers, flowers bloom bloom, somehow surviveSmall photo of The ping-coloured flower is somehow more beautifulSmall photo of Close up photo of blue fabric that laminated with plastic, taken with flash. It is looks like galaxy somehow.Small photo of Baking tools and ingredients: flour and eggs, butter, food dyes, rolling pin, whisk, cookie cutters, kitchen cloth and seashells somehow. Top view.Small photo of an onion somehow able to grow inside onion storage boxSmall photo of You left it somehow unfinished - your dream, your home, your life in there, but it’s still have that charming, romantic beauty of a home.Small photo of Moody sky, stormy sea and windy beach, but somehow harmony and peace.Small photo of Light cannot pass through certain places, and when it tries it makes it somehow beautiful.Small photo of rug and our musical instruments. We used to sit there, cross legged on the woollen fibers, the reds and blues becoming part of the music somehow.Small photo of Tree Roots have grown somehow in interesting shapes

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