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  • To be capable of steady friendship or lasting love, are the two greatest proofs, not only of goodness of heart, but of strength of mind. (A fi capabil de o prietenie statornică sau de o dragoste durabilă sunt dovezi nu numai a bunătății inimii, ci și a tăriei de caracter.) - Paul Aubuchon

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Small photo of A closeup view on the hands of a person trying to hold a glass of water steady, shaking hands symptomatic of a central nervous and motor system disease such as Parkinson'sSmall photo of Ready steady go! Full length profile side photo of focused santa claus ready to run race wearing sports wear cap isolated over red backgroundSmall photo of Set of holey, plain, steady and tippy cheese cubes. Clipping path for each cube, shadows separatedSmall photo of Back side of man driving on the road holding steering wheel steady using low gear and slow speed to avoid accidents. Transportation, safety, driving carefully, lifestyle and traffic conceptSmall photo of Videographer using steady cam. Cameraman creator with a stabilizer in his hands takes a video on the dslr camera at the background of the sunset. Creating a Video Concept.Small photo of Full length photo of jumping high guy ready steady go concept wear casual outfit isolated white backgroundSmall photo of Ready steady go! Concept of endurance strength persistence in sport. Full length full size portrait of beautiful sporty energetic active purposeful sportswoman running and jumping, natural lightSmall photo of Funny foxy little lady and her mom participants ready steady go wear casual clothes isolated pink backgroundSmall photo of Invest with slow but steady for long term success metaphor, miniature people businessman riding turtle or tortoise walking on rising growth stock market value graph, value investment concept.Small photo of The rudder of a large ship steers it on a steady courseSmall photo of A closeup and rear view of a girl suffering from Parkinson's disease, violently trembling and holding her wrist trying to be steady, involuntary movements symptomatic of the disease.Small photo of Young woman watching her husband doing DIY carpentry during renovations to their home leaning on the planks of wood to steady them as he worksSmall photo of Ready steady go. Closeup of running shoes on grass, young lady on start position and going to run in park.Small photo of Ready, steady, go! Handsome muscular strong determined guy dressed in blue shorts and sneakers is running to the finish line, isolated on white background, copy-spaceSmall photo of Hands with fertile soil and euro money banknotes, female farmer handful of cultivated land that makes profit and steady income from sustainable agricultural activity like organic growth of crops

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