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Imagini exemplificatoare pentru stiffer

Small photo of Physalis species are herbaceous plants. a plant of the same family, but usually with a stiffer, more upright stem.Small photo of cauliflower fungus in the woods, czech republic. Twigs are brittle and fragile to somewhat cartilaginous; light flesh thicker internal branches is a little stiffer.Small photo of Tampere, Finland - April 25, 2019: The Kona Ute bicycle is a longtail cargo carrier. A longtail in the Ute makes for a stiffer set up because the frame is all one piece.Small photo of TORONTO-FEBRUARY 12: at the 2016 Canadian International AutoShow.Corvette C7R race car shares the C7AÂąA?A?s aluminum structure, which is 40% stiffer than the outgoing C6RSmall photo of stiffer Japanese Vegetables

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