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Small photo of Strenuous hike to a fire lookout that was well worth it!Small photo of Obese girl feels side aches after strenuous workouts outdoors, pain in liverSmall photo of Calf pain or shin pain in the morning after a strenuous exercise from last nightSmall photo of Phan Thiet, Vietnam - July 12th, 2020: Seafood market session seas, people gather inside crabs, snails, and fish, strenuous rowing fishermen fish brought ashore fishing village in Phan Thiet, VietnamSmall photo of O'Neil Butte - Steep and strenuous, the South Kaibab Trail is the South Rim’s most direct route to the bottom of Grand Canyon.Small photo of Sport and recreation concept. Young athlete exercise in fitness center breaking rest and stretching after strenuous exercise function training workout with personal trainer and healthy lifestyle.Small photo of Stoney Pass sign post, a beautiful difficult and strenuous 6h hike with amazing spectacular mountain views, Drakensberg, South AfricaSmall photo of Young injured girl getting help from her personal trainer after a strenuous trainingSmall photo of Osprey Backpack, Mt Rainier NP, WA - September 10, 2019: resting after strenuous hike at Mt Rainier.Small photo of Female boxer relaxing in a locker room after a strenuous trainingSmall photo of Men have a lot of leg pain in the park due to strenuous exercise.Small photo of A woman athlete had a leg injury in the calf caused by excessive sports. Thigh muscle pain caused by strenuous exercise. This injury is often caused by a variety of sports such as running, soccerSmall photo of Thigh muscle pain caused by strenuous exercise. This injury is often caused by a variety of sports such as running, soccer, basketball, etc.Small photo of Ankle pain caused by strenuous exercise by running in the park. She needs treatment and physical therapy.Small photo of strenuous young man moving boxes from car into new house

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