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  • The white man landed; need the rest be told? The new world stretch'd its dusk hand to the old. (Omul alb a debarcat; să vă mai spun ce a urmat? O lume nouă a întins mâna bronzată celei vechi.) - John Barrow
  • Musical ideas sprang to my mind like a flight of butterflies, and all I had to do was to stretch out my hand to catch them. (Ideile muzicale îmi invadează mintea și mă răscolesc ca și bătaia din aripi a fluturilor și tot ceea ce am de făcut este să întind mâna și să încerc să îi prind.) - Charles Gounod

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Small photo of Happy millennial Caucasian woman sit in cozy chair in design home stretch relax breathe fresh air. Smiling young female renter or tenant rest in armchair relieve negative emotions enjoying weekend.Small photo of Woman hips with visible stretch marks. Young woman showing Stretch mark scars on her body.Small photo of Happy young woman feeling relaxed with eyes closed. Smiling woman stretching with hands forward feeling fresh on a bright morning. Beautiful girl stretch herself in the morning.Small photo of Senior woman doing warmup workout at home. Fitness woman doing stretch exercise stretching her arms - tricep and shoulders stretch . Elderly woman living an active lifestyle.Small photo of Work from home, Stretch for relax, Young asian woman stretching body while working with laptop computer at her desk home office, Back of female student raised arms take rest from online educationSmall photo of senior woman doing warmup workout at home. Fitness woman doing stretch exercise stretching her legs,quadriceps .Elderly woman living an active lifestyle.Small photo of Stretch Marks On Woman's Legs. Female Hand Holds Fat Cellulite And Stretch Mark On Leg. Cellulite.Small photo of A senior woman stretches during her workout. Mature woman exercising. Portrait of fit elderly woman doing stretching exercise in park. Senior sportswoman making stretch exercisesSmall photo of Fitness woman doing stretch exercise stretching her arms - tricep and shoulders stretch wearing a smartwatch activity tracker. Women stretching for warming up before running or working out.Small photo of Woman wear black sport clothes lying on floor practising asana do Half Knees to Chest Pose near grunge wall beige textured background, help ease back pain, flexible body stretch for beginners conceptSmall photo of Happy african American young woman in glasses stretch hand for handshake greeting introducing to someone, smiling black biracial millennial female hr agent in spectacles get acquainted at meetingSmall photo of Body stretch. Fit man stretching back, doing yoga workout at gym. Black male athlete doing back extension stretch exercise lying on mat indoorsSmall photo of Smiling young Caucasian businessman stretch hand welcome new employee or worker at workplace, happy European male boss or CEO greeting meeting newcomer in office, employment conceptSmall photo of Millennial male leader stretch out his hand for handshake welcoming new employee invites newcomer to corporate team, group showing amity, human resources, boss greets clients express respect conceptSmall photo of Las Vegas, Nevada, United States : Panoramic view of the Las Vegas Strip. it is a stretch of South Las Vegas Boulevard in Nevada that is known for its concentration of hotels and casinos on 2016-07-14

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