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  • Dreams, goals, ambitions - these are the stuff man uses for fuel. (Visurile, scopurile, ambițiile – pe ele le folosește omul drept combustibil.) - L. Ron Hubbard
  • Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it. (Să citești numai lucruri care te vor face să arăți bine în cazul în care vei muri în timp ce le citești.) - P.J. O'Rourke
  • We must learn to tailor our concepts to fit reality, instead of trying to stuff reality into our concepts. (Trebuie să învățăm să ne croim conceptele în funcție de realitate, în loc să încercăm să înțesăm realitatea cu conceptele noaste.) - Victor Daniels
  • It takes intelligence to make real comedy, and it takes a reality base to create all that little stuff I like to do that makes you giggle inside. (E nevoie să fii inteligent ca să faci o comedie adevărată și îți trebuie o bază din realitate ca să creezi lucrurile acelea mici pe care-mi place să le fac ce vă determină să vă hliziți în sinea voastră.) - Chris Tucker
  • I don't want to leave any message, I just advise them to read other authors' stuff and forget me; forget about Borges, there are so many others far superior. (Nu vreau să las niciun mesaj, doar îi sfătuiesc să citească alți autori, să mă uite; uitați de Borges, sunt atâția alții mult mai buni.) - Jorge Luis Borges
  • We are star stuff which has taken its destiny into its own hands. (Noi suntem materia stelară care și-a luat destinul în propriile mâini.) - Carl Sagan

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Small photo of Stylish white interior of living room with mock up poster frame, rattan accessories, leaf, wooden shelf, vase with flowers and elegant personal stuff. Minimalistic concept of home decor. Template.Small photo of Pregnant woman in dress with ultrasound image. Mother with wicker basket of cute tiny stuff and teddy bear toy for newborn. Expectant mother waiting and preparing for baby birth during pregnancy.Small photo of Cardboard boxes, potted plants and household stuff indoors. Moving daySmall photo of Full length profile photo of handsome business man carry bags jump high buy vacation stuff shopping center store mall wear specs shirt suspenders pants boots isolated blue color backgroundSmall photo of mortgage, family and real estate concept - happy mother, father and little daughter with stuff in boxes moving to new homeSmall photo of Cardboard boxes and household stuff indoors, space for text. Moving daySmall photo of Pregnant woman is getting ready for the maternity hospital, packing baby stuff. pregnant woman preparing and planning baby clothes. List of things in the hospital.Small photo of Home suburban countryside modern car and ATV double garage interior with wooden shelf, tools and equipment stuff storage warehouse indoors against sun light. Vehicle parked house parking backgroundSmall photo of Home suburban car garage interior with wooden shelf , tools and equipment stuff storage warehouse on white wall indoors. Vehicle parked at house parking backgroundSmall photo of In Elementary School Class: Portrait of a Brilliant Black Girl with Braces Smiles, Writes in Exercise Notebook. Junior Classroom with Diverse Group of Children Learning New StuffSmall photo of Piggy bank and coins for saving money with business stuff, Business and finance conceptSmall photo of Home suburban car garage interior with wooden shelf, tools equipment stuff storage warehouse on white wall indoor. Vehicle parked at house parking background. DIY workbench for repair home appliancesSmall photo of Exhausted tired Asian doctor or nurse. Virus outbreak in Asia. Coronavirus pandemic. Clinic and hospital medical stuff working over hours. Overworked professional. Stress and depression.Small photo of Tired housewife cooking food and carrying lots of stuff. Frail slim young woman making meal at home, holding multiple heavy cooking pots and kitchen saucepans, balancing cutting boards with vegetablesSmall photo of Businesswoman dressed pajamas writing day plan enjoying morning coffee on living room floor office with laptop, papers and other stuff top view shot.Distance work in worldwide quarantine time concept

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