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Small photo of Goa, India - Novamber 05, 2018: white fisherman boat with red flag on the sand beach in Mandrem village, North Goa. India is one of the birthplace of swastika, which fishermen often draw on their boatSmall photo of Tokyo, Bunkyo Ward - August 6, 2018 : Wide angle view of Hishaku dippers and carved Swastika cross of Chozuya or Temizuya water ablution pavilion at Nezu Jinja Shinto ShrineSmall photo of Cloudy Pura Besakih Temple in Bali, Indonesia. Swastika is an ancient Indian Hindu icon in the Indonesian culture.Small photo of December 2018, Uzbekistan, Samarkand, Registan Square, Madrasa Sherdor ("Resident of the Lions") whith symbol of power depicted on the portal - leopards with the sun on their backs and a big swastika.Small photo of Solar signs symbols of the swastika in a Buddhist temple ornament window with the swastikaSmall photo of Traditional Balinese carving with swastikaSmall photo of The swastika is a geometrical figure and an ancient religious icon in the cultures of Eurasia used as a symbol of divinity and spirituality in Indian religions.A symbol of auspicious and good luck.Small photo of Open window of jain temple with swastika on it, an ancient symbol of divinity and spirituality in IndiaSmall photo of QUATZENHEIM, FRANCE - FEB 20, 2019: swastika sprayed at the entrance of Jewish cemetery in Quatzenheim near StrasbourgSmall photo of Buddhist swastika symbol on temple building - Haeinsa Temple UNESCO World Heritage List - South KoreaSmall photo of Volgograd. Russia - February 3, 2019. The sculptural composition - collapse of fascism in the Heroes' Square on Mamayev Kurgan. Soldiers throwing a fascist swastika and a viper, symbolizing fascism.Small photo of Chinese lantern with Happy Diwali and Subh Deepavali written on it. Swastika and Mangal Ghat symbols are also there, Clicked at Kandil Galli, MumbaiSmall photo of Volgograd, Russia - August 22,2019; Mamayev Kurgan. Monument-ensemble “To the Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad.“ Two fighters dump the swastika and the fascist hydra into the Volga ”Small photo of A vertical shot of a swastika on a metal railingSmall photo of Oslo, Norway, 12.11.2019. Monument in the form of a steel hammer crushing a fascist swastika on the station square in Oslo

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