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  • Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. (Angajamentul individual pentru un efort de grup – asta face să meargă o echipă, o companie, o societate, o civilizație.) - Vince Lombardi
  • There's no I in TEAM. (Într-o echipă, eul dispare.) - Terry Josephson
  • You're only as good as the sum of your parts, and one person can't be a team. (Poți fi bun doar ca sumă a părților tale componente, iar un individ nu poate fi o echipă.) - David Schwimmer
  • The individualism has such a force that it seems working as a team. (Individualismul are așa o forță încât pare că lucrează în echipă.) - Hasier Agirre

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Small photo of Back view of business woman talking to her colleagues about plan in video conference. Multiethnic business team using laptop for a online meeting in video call. Group of people smart working from homeSmall photo of Team working by group video call share ideas brainstorming negotiating use video conference, pc screen view six multi ethnic young people, application advertisement easy and comfortable usage conceptSmall photo of Back view of female employee engaged in team Webcam conference on laptop, have online briefing or consultation from home, woman worker speak talk on group video call with diverse colleaguesSmall photo of Shot of a screen of teammates doing a virtual conference from their home offices. Team meeting from home during COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.Small photo of Multiethnic business team having discussion in video call. Rear view of business woman in video conference with boss and his colleagues during online meeting. Senior woman in video call with partners.Small photo of Asian business woman talking to her colleagues about plan in video conference. Multiethnic business team using computer for a online meeting in video call. Group of people smart working from home.Small photo of Architect team having a discussionSmall photo of International doctor team. Hospital medical staff. Mixed race Asian and Caucasian doctor and nurse meeting. Clinic personnel wearing face mask and stethoscope. Coronavirus outbreak.Small photo of Male business coach speaker in suit give flipchart presentation, speaker presenter consulting training persuading employees client group, mentor leader explain graph strategy at team meeting workshopSmall photo of Boss defending his team with a gesture of protection. Life insurance. Customer care, care for employees. Security and safety in a business team. Human resources. A responsibility. Social protectionSmall photo of doctor in PPE suit uniform has stress in Coronavirus outbreak or Covid-19, Concept of Covid-19 quarantine.Emotional stress of overworked doctor and medical care team during covid-10 period.Small photo of Team Sports for Kids. Children Sports Soccer Team. Coach Motivate Soccer Players to Play as a Team. Boys Kids Soccer Football Game. Young Children In Huddle Building Team Spirit.Small photo of Webcam laptop screen view many faces of diverse people involved in group videoconference on-line meeting lead by indian businesswoman leader, team using video call app work solve common issues conceptSmall photo of Close up of employee talk on video call on laptop with diverse colleagues, worker speak on web conference with multiracial coworkers, have online briefing with team, use Webcam on computerSmall photo of Marketing team. Group of young modern people in smart casual wear discussing something while working in the creative office

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