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Small photo of Sick millennial Asian sit on couch at home with towel on head measure temperate on thermometer. Unhealthy ill young Vietnamese woman suffer from flu or grippe, catch cold. Health problem conceptSmall photo of Fairy ink cap fungi, Coprinellus, growing on a moss-covered fallen tree in temperate rainforest, Bola Creek, Royal National Park, NSW, AustraliaSmall photo of Hiking trail through a temperate, deciduous forest with beeches in autumn foliage in Grosshansdorf, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Autumn landscape.Small photo of The red-necked wallaby or Bennett's wallaby (Macropus rufogriseus) is a medium-sized macropod marsupial (wallaby), common in the more temperateSmall photo of Smiling busty female barista using professional coffee machine enjoying job in cafe improving skills of making cappuccino, charming young trainee in uniform learning how to temperate drinks with steamSmall photo of London, UK - August 7, 2018: Kew Gardens, Temperate House, the largest Victorian glasshouse in the worldSmall photo of Brown Hare - Lepus europaeus, European hare, species of hare native to Europe and parts of Asia. It is among the largest hare species and is adapted to temperate, open country. Hares are herbivorous.Small photo of Redwood trees in the Redwood National and State Parks (RNSP), They are old-growth temperate rainforests located in the United States, along the coast of northern California.Small photo of Water lilies grow on the edge of a freshwater lake in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. These aquatic plants provide habitat for many species and thrive during the summer in shallow temperate habitats.

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