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Small photo of "Anigozanthos" sp. "Bush Tenacity" or kangaroo paw in the Western Australia botanic garden. The plant is the emblem of WA. From a small genus of native Australian plants in the family Haemodoraceae.Small photo of Male rock climber practicing bouldering without rope on a boulder area in front of the sea. A high boulder for people with tenacity and confidence to climb the cliff with the risk of severe damageSmall photo of One hand is testing the tenacity of a tissueSmall photo of Close up badminton player with racket in action. Young man on grass playing badminton outdoors. Sport, activity, power, confidence, energy, effort, tenacity, goal achievement concept. Focus on shuttleSmall photo of Tenacity. Word written on a piece of paper or note, cork board background.Small photo of One hand is testing the tenacity of a tissueSmall photo of tenacity word abstract in letterpress wood type printing blocksSmall photo of Whitehaven, UK - Apr 14 2021: Developed by Coastal Charters, the proof of concept demonstration vessel Tenacity, part of the design and build of a rapid crew transfer vessel for the offshore industry.Small photo of Retro effect and toned image of a woman hand writing on a notebook. Handwritten quote The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. - Amelia Earhart as concept imageSmall photo of Balance stones on a rock with ocean and cloudy background. Concept hard work, goal achievement, insistence, tenacitySmall photo of let us start again motivational reminder note with a cup of coffee, determination and tenacity conceptSmall photo of Dictionary definition of word tenacity, selective focus.

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